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The project will be following a plan for the data collection to gather sufficient information and start an appropriate business plan for the Water Lily project. The results would help the Japanese investors plan on how to make the product thrive in the L

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1.1 Plans for Data Collection for:

CASE: The need to find out how the local market will accept the products or services that the Japanese investors will market.

        The project will be following a plan for the data collection to gather sufficient information and start an appropriate business plan for the Water Lily project.  The results would help the Japanese investors plan on how to make the product thrive in the Las Pinas market.  The first step would be listing the tasks that have to be carried out and who should be involved in the collection of data.  Once the tasks are determined, a rough estimate of the time needed for the different parts of the study should be made.  In the collection of data, the most appropriate time to carry out a research and the specific target area in Las Pinas should also be identified.  The next step to be followed is to identify the method to be used in collecting the data needed. There are several choices for data collection; however, only appropriate data collection method for the project should be done.  Lastly, a schedule of the activities or a work plan should be created and should be rigorously followed.

Importance of preparing a plan for data collection:

        For every project or task that will be done, there should always be a plan that should be followed.  It will serve as a guideline for those who will be part of the project. The plan will give a clear overview of the tasks that should be carried out and who should perform the task and the estimate duration of tasks.  It could clearly identify the goal of the project and who will be the stakeholders of the project.  The plan will also facilitate the organization and identification of the material resource for data collection in the most efficient way.  Thus, before the start of the project, all materials and information that is needed will be easily identified.  Moreover, planning will also help minimise errors or delays during the data collection.  Thus, for every error that is reduced means more time is conserved and more money saved.  Data Collection is just one part of accomplishing a project.  However, for every plan that is followed and valuable information gather could ensure a successful result in a project.  

Using the Sloven’s formula, I came up with a sample of 19.99 percent of sampling for the population of ______________

        n= N/(1+Ne^2)

b. Secondary data -


The Secondary data that I gathered verifies the results that I have collected in my primary data.  The secondary data is low cost, requires less effort and is not that time consuming like the primary data collection.  Though the data was gathered for a different purpose, it gave me an idea of the population in Las Pinas and the number of vehicle owners.  

  1. Describe and justify the survey methodology and frame used (1.2)
  1. Describe and assess the different data collection methods

The different data collection method consists of the following:  

Survey Method/Questionnaires, wherein questions are written and designed to obtain information.  Using this method gives flexibility to the researcher on how the survey can be conducted. Some survey forms could be posted, e-mailed or faxed.  It could cover a large number of people or organizations and is relatively a cheap way of gathering information.  This method gives respondents an option to stay anonymous and consider their responses to the questions.  However, survey questions should be simple and easy to answer.  Since the respondents have the choice to leave a question blank, the researcher must know how to encourage and follow up on the survey forms.  

Another method for data collection is Observation Method whereinit records the behavioural patterns of people, objects and events in a systematic manner. Observation methods can also be structure or unstructured, disguised or undisguised, natural or contrived, personal, mechanical, non participant and participant.  Structured observationis a method wherein the researcher specifies in detail what is to be observed and how the measurements are to be recorded.  This method is appropriate if the problem is clearly stated and the information required is specified.  

Unstructured observation is a method of observation which requires the researcher to monitor all aspects of the event that seem relevant.  This method is appropriate when the problem is yet to be identified precisely and flexibility is needed in observation to identify key components of the problem.

Disguised is a method wherein respondents are unaware of the observation being done, thus making them act normally.  Researchers using this method usually hide or are as respondents (shopper) during observation.  

Another method is Undisguised observation where respondents are aware of the observation.  Thus making the respondents behave differently.  

Naturalobservation involves observing behaviour as it happens while contrived observationrequires observation of respondents in an artificial environment. Other examples of observation methods are Personal, mechanical, none participant and participant.

   Interviews would be a technique that is primarily used to gain an understanding of the reasons and motivations for people’s attitudes, preferences or behaviour.  It could be a personal one-to-one basis or in a group. Interviews can be conducted at work, at home, in the streets or any other location. Personal interviews can give a higher response rate than other methods of gathering data.   Since it can be completed immediately result can be analysed in an instant.

Focus Group discussion is an interview conducted by a trained moderator in a non-structured and natural manner with a small group of chosen respondents.  This method will help gain insights and information by listening to a group of people from the appropriate target market talk about specific issues of interest.  

 Case-Studies are an intensive examination of a single unit such as a person, small group of people or a single company. It involves measuring what is there and how it got there.  Researchers can explore, unravel and understand problems or issues.  This approach is often done to make practical improvements on a specific issue.

Diaries are ways of gathering information about the way individuals spend their time on professional activities.  It can gather quantitative or qualitative data and in management research can provide information about work patterns and activities. It is useful for collecting information from employees and allows researchers freedom to move from one organization to another.

Critical Incident is an attempt to identify the more noteworthy aspects of job behaviour and is based on the assumption that tasks are composed of critical and non-critical tasks.  

Experimental Method is usually taken as the most scientific way of gathering data.  An experiment is considered as the “method of choice” where  cause and effect can be established. A data undergoes the deliberate manipulation of one variable while trying to keep all other variables constant.  A perfect sample of experiment method is experiments done in Laboratories.

Registration method is defined as the continuous, permanents and compulsory recording of occurrences and characteristics of vital events.  Mostly, registration method is used for legal document and secondary for the usefulness as a source of statistics.  A usual sample of registration method is car registration and that of birth registration in the National Statistics Office.

b.) Select the collection methods which shall be used for the water lily project and justify why such method shall be used. (Minimum of 2 methods)

In the Water Lily project, I will be using the Survey method and Interviews method.  Survey methodis the most common response for beginning researchers in collecting data.  This method is the easiest, simple and straightforward procedure.  While the Interview method can also complement the survey method since survey questionnaires are already written, a follow up random interview on additional respondents would also be appropriate to get exact results for the project.  Specific questions that are essential for the water lilly project can also be asked directly to arrive at a specific answer.

c.) Explain the framework for such collection methods. (M1)

The survey questionnaire itself was written in such a way that the questions are valid, reliable and unbiased.  Questions are organized in a certain flow where in the first few questions would grab the respondents’ attention and help motivate them to continue to fill out the survey.  Precise and enough questions are formulated to be able to get the appropriate answers needed for the case.  Easy to understand, direct to the point questions helped and encouraged the respondents in giving truthful answers.  Open ended questions where avoided.

Survey questionnaires are given to approximately 40 people who are either car owners or commuters in Las Pinas city.  Out of the 40 survey sheets, Quota sampling was used wherein a selected 20 sample units who are car owners are chosen.    

  1. Develop and use a questionnaire and justify its design for a particular purpose (1.3)
  1. Create a questionnaire that shall: be convenient for the users to answer, which means they can accomplish answering it within minutes, provide you with data using the user attitude and image or UAI survey

Please refer to the appendix for the sample survey sheet.

As mentioned, the formulated questions are precise and short enough to arrive at a specific answer.  The researcher purposely designed the questionnaire as reliable and unbiased and without open ended questions.  Moreover, it also focused at an organized and well presented survey sheet.  The look and feel of a questionnaire serves as an important indication to respondents as they think about how to react to a request to answer the survey.  It is important that the questionnaire is carefully crafted since people will likely respond with carefully considered and honest answers.  The questions that are asked on the survey, was done using the UAI survey concept.  Having in mind that the data that will be gathered are all-encompassing, the category and brand of fuel respondents use, usage habits of their vehicle, purchase habits and practices for the kind of fuel and supplier, and the attitude toward the category, supplier and brand of fuel.  Through the data gathered, the researcher is able to identify the possible marketing problem and the issues that might arise with the project.  

  1. Rationalize why such a questionnaire fits the purpose (M1)

The questionnaire that has been created covered the financial status of the respondents, their monthly income and expenses, the type of vehicle and fuel they are using and how often they use their vehicle.  These questions will help the researcher identify the impact of having cheap fuel in the area.  The answers made the researcher arrive at an idea that with the amount of money the respondents earn and spend on cheap fuel, Biofuel will have a big chance to thrive in Las Pinas.  Moreover, the kind of knowledge that the respondents have with Biofuel also suggested what type of marketing strategy should be used.  Since not everyone is aware of the benefits of Biofuel, proper information and knowledge dissemination is greatly needed to keep them informed.  


A total of 19.99 percent in the population of Las Pinas was surveyed and interviewed regarding the Water Lily project.  A simple questionnaire was prepared to arrive at a conclusion if Biofuel will thrive in the market of Las Pinas and if the Japanese investors will succeed in their planned business venture with the Filipinos.  Through the survey and interviews that has been conducted, the researcher found out that the people are greatly affected with the current cost of basic commodities, thus cheaper fuel will be a big interest to them.  Out of the forty survey sheets, 20 survey forms are carefully chosen to arrive at an informative and sufficient data.  

In conclusion, the Water Lily project can generally succeed in the Las Pinas area, since most of the vehicle users in the area are interested in using cheap and environment friendly fuel. This project will surely flourish considering the benefits to the environment and the impact on the price of fuel in the market.

  1. Analyse data using measures of dispersion, and use to inform a given business scenario (2.2) (M2)

The target market of biofuel in Las Pinas is those in the middle-working class.  They are willing to switch from their regular gasoline to biofuel provided that the selling price of biofuel is 30 PHP per liter and below.  Biofuel will surely thrive in Las Pinas considering that it is cheaper and environment friendly.


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