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The purpose of this paper is to examine on the University of East London (UEL) students perspective towards the future of university education and their reason for such. The two methods that had been used to carry out this study are focus group and survey

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ABSTRACT The purpose of this paper is to examine on the University of East London (UEL) students perspective towards the future of university education and their reason for such. The two methods that had been used to carry out this study are focus group and survey questionnaire. The controlled variable for this study are the amount of students from the School of Business & Marketing, School of Engineering and School of Computing & IT from UEL which the survey was given to. Besides, the second part of this paper demonstrates a personal development plan with curriculum vitae. PART 1: DATA ANALYSIS OF A SMALL SCALE RESEARCH 1.0 INTRODUCTION The roots of university education can be traced back thousands of years in many different cultures. Despite this long history and apparent resilience of form, however, modern universities are increasingly finding themselves beset with threats to their autonomy, their curricula, their funding and even to their very existence. The function of the university is being questioned, as institutions are challenged to deliver their missions in the face of increasing competition and demands from governments and regulatory bodies for transparency and accountability. Over twenty years ago, Knapper (1983, p.13) believed that the future of the university was "a topic of debate for theorists, politicians, employers and parents for many years". This research is carried out to the answer the question on "What do UEL student think about the future university education and why?" 2.0 REVIEW OF LITERATURE As alternative providers of knowledge and learning are moving into what was once the sole domain of the university, universities are progressively having to think and act now "to ensure a place in the increasingly crowded market for learning which is likely to exist in 2025" (Cormack 1999, p.127). By approaching this process from a future perspective, institutions can integrate futures approaches into their strategy development processes, and thus build more robust strategy through innovation and far-sightedness (University Futures, 2007a). ...read more.


For School of Business students, most of them want to pursue their career in Human Resource field followed by Sales/Marketing. As for A, a Business school student, she would want to enrol in Human Resource field because it has been her ambition since her schooling days to work in this field. Besides that, her father had always encouraged her to work in this field. Gender Male Female Frequency Percent Frequency Percent Valid Interest 7 43.8 6 42.9 High salary 6 37.5 6 42.9 Forced by parents 0 0 0 0 Inspired through friends/relatives 3 18.7 2 14.2 Others 0 0 0 0 Total 16 100 14 100 Table 11: Influences on Career Choices According to figure above, more males are pursuing their degree because it has been their interest to study in the field that they have chosen. Where else, females pursue their degree because it has been their interest and the field can promise them high salary. Only a few of them were inspired by their friends or relatives in choosing this degree. None of them are doing their degree because they were forced by their parents. That shows both the males and females are able to make decisions on their career path without depending on their parents or relatives. As for V, she believes that choosing a career of her choice can make her to excel in life and that will eventually lead in advancing her career. Not only that, Tan who is currently pursuing his degree in Computer Network believes that a career that can provide him with high salary will enable him to be in a higher qualification reflects on career progress not only in terms of climbing the ladder faster, but also in making bank accounts fatter. 4.3 University education Frequency Percent Valid Percent Cumulative Percent Valid Teamwork 24 19.8 19.8 19.8 Decision making 14 11.6 11.6 11.6 Communication skills 15 12.4 12.4 12.4 Negotiating skills 6 5 5 5 Creativity 5 4.1 4.1 4.1 Problem-solving skills 16 13.22 ...read more.


All these skills are beneficial for me throughout the course of my lifetime. Question 2: Explain what you intend to do after the degree in terms of work or further study and identify how you might transfer your academic skills to be effective in what you plan to do. After I have made it through college, I will put my hard earned degree to work by applying a job in business and management. I do not mind to start from the low level, as long as I can develop more in-depth knowledge experiences in the management field before I can achieve my long term goal which is to become a qualified manager. As I have practiced several skills while pursuing my studies at college, I am sure all of the skills are useful when I step into working life. Teamwork skill is one of the most important skills for me to success in my career path. With it, I am able to collaborate and communicate well with others as a team and perform effectively. However, leadership is also one of the necessary skills for me to work efficiently. Without an effective leadership, it is hard to get all the staffs to work in group. With the leadership skill that I learnt from my studies, it enables me to do well in planning, organising, staffing, and controlling personnel as a good leader. Besides, communication is another essential skill for me in order to work effectively in management field. A good communication skill enables me to pick the right person and express my expectations well through sending a clearer message. I believe that the academic skills and personal skills that I have adopted can strengthen my ability in completing my personal development plan in the near future. Upon my graduation, I intend to do my Masters in Business Administration under University of Ballarat in Stamford College on a part-time basis. I firmly believe that learning is a life-long process. So I do want to upgrade myself in ensuring a better future. Curriculum Vitae ___________________________________________________________________________ 6. ...read more.

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