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The role played by Line manager and HR in ensuring the HR strategies are efficient and effective

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MBA 5622: Managing People for Performance V Semester 1, 2008-03-25 Assignment 1 "A report for the senior HR manager in a medium size business which outlines the importance of the roles played by HR specialists and line managers ensuring that HR strategies are effectively developed and implemented within the organisation." Prepared by:- Raja Nanda 10053978 Lecturer:- Megan Paull Submission Date:- 25.03.2008. Executive Overview: The purpose of this report is to outline the importance of the roles played by HR specialists and line managers in a medium size business. It explains the relationship between them in implementing the HR strategies and the problems occurred while devolution of responsibilities to the line manager. The HR strategy should consist of board themes rather than narrow perceptions. Introduction: The relationship between the HR function and line management has, of course, long been identified as important in HRM. The dominant view has been that, although the management of human resource is vital to the success of organisations, this management need not- indeed, should not- be the direct, day to day responsibility of specialist HR manager. According to this view, it is line manager who take on new responsibilities and it is incumbent on HR managers to 'devolve' these to them (Graeme currie; stephan Procter, 2001, p53). ...read more.


In line with this Currie and Proctor (2001) have suggested that rather than devolution of responsibilities, what in fact exists is a "Partnership" between HR and line mangers (Sheehan C, 2003). The role of line mangers in implementing strategies: Dalton (1950) sees the role of the manger as containing a series of dilemmas where the ambiguity inherent in the job seems to select mangers that are best able to absorb, or resolve/utilise conflict for both personal and organisational ends (Renwick D, 2000). Druker (1974) views the management job consisting of five basic operations: 1) Setting objectives; 2) Organising; 3) motivating and communicating; 4) Measurement; and 5) People development (Renwick D, 2000). The line manager is involved in day to day activities of organising ritual and ceremony, negotiations, and the processing of soft information. The line manager has inevitable responsibilities of handling the personnel and industrial relation activities, although many personnel and industrial relations specialist felt that such managers had only modest capability in industrial relations, a view reflected by many mangers themselves (Renwick D, 2000). As line managers have lack of formal education and are been promoted from within the organisation, they have some typical management responsibilities such as:- * People management * Managing operational cost * Providing technical expertise * ...read more.


devolution, this puts HR specialist into problematic situation; there is a lack of consensus in the debate about the role of Line managers; and * Lack of formal education. (Karin Bredin and Jonas Soderlund, 2006). Devolution makes line manager an important person in the HR organisation: The research shows that the personnel activities of line manager are increasing who in turn will assume more responsibility for human resource issues. It is also a problematic situation as whether line manager has the time and ability required to take over those responsibility. The devolution of responsibilities will create new demand in line management and a new approach towards handling the issues related to people and HRM (Karin Bredin and Jonas Soderlund, 2006). Conclusion: After exploring the work relationship between the HR specialist and the line manager in implementing the HR strategies in a medium size organisation, I have evaluated that there is no specific pattern or model for the implementation of strategies. Every organisation is different in structure and has different nature of problems. To overcome these problems and implement the HR strategies, the HR specialist and line managers have to work as a team to plot the model of solution. I think consensus of ideas among them is the most important aspect. ...read more.

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