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The underlying theme of this report was the determination of the viability and sustainability of a market for the product "Laser Shot Technology". Laser Shot technology uses computer simulations to aid with accuracy shooting and overall gun handling. Th

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ANALYSING THE MARKET POTENTIAL FOR LASER-SHOT GUN TRAINING WITHIN GEORGE, WESTERN CAPE JOAN-MARIE STEENKAMP OCTOBER 2011 ANALYSING THE MARKET POTENTIAL FOR LASER-SHOT GUN TRAINING IN GEORGE, WESTERN CAPE JOAN-MARIE STEENKAMP In partial fulfilment of the requirements for the Degree Baccalaureus Technologiae (Marketing) in the Faculty of Business and Social Sciences at the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, George Campus, George. Supervisor: Mrs Santie von Below DECLARATION I, Joan-Marie Steenkamp, hereby declare that: * The work in this report is my own original work; * All sources used are acknowledged and referred to appropriately; and * This report has not been previously submitted in full or partial fulfilment of the requirement for equivalent or higher qualification at any other recognized tertiary institution. Joan-Marie Steenkamp George, Western Cape October 2011 ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS I wish to thank a number of individuals who helped in compiling as well as providing information to complete this research project. My thanks go to Mrs Santie von Below, part-time lecturer at the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, George Campus who diligently supervised the project and gave valuable insights and direction for this study. It is sincerely appreciated. My thanks also extend to Dr Jacob Cornelius Steenkamp, a senior lecturer at the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, for his time and help supplied with the students at the university. I would also like to acknowledge the information given to me with regards to hunters and the CHASA courses as well as the composition of the questionnaires. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The underlying theme of this report was the determination of the viability and sustainability of a market for the product "Laser Shot Technology". Laser Shot technology uses computer simulations to aid with accuracy shooting and overall gun handling. The results of this research gave insight into the possibility of a new venture within George for alternative methods of firearm training. The goals for viability included stability of the markets and the growth potential of market segments. ...read more.


An opportunity can be defined as a favourable set of circumstances that creates a need for a new product, service or business (Barringer, B. & Ireland, R. 2008: 38). According to Barringer and Ireland, (2008: 39) an opportunity has four essential qualities, namely attractiveness, durability (sustainability), timeliness and anchored in a product, service or business that creates or adds value for its buyer or end-user. In determining a window of opportunity, it was important to measure and analyze what factors were important to gun-owners and hunters, as well as their current training systems, how many people train and how much average time they spend on training and their willingness to engage in alternative training methods. This was achieved by construction of a questionnaire using different questions in each of the questions stated above. Likert-scale, dichotomous, and open-ended questions were used. A total of 100 questionnaires were distributed throughout the Garden Route area. Most of the questionnaires (91 %) were distributed directly at shooting events like CHASA and at the NMMU university campus to students studying in the fields of nature conservation and game ranch management, while a small proportion (9 %) was distributed and completed through the use of email. Of these respondents, 63 % resided in George, 18 % resided in Mossel Bay, 1 % in Dana Bay and the remaining 18 % outside the George district. The 18 % of respondents outside of George are students currently studying at the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, George Campus, not local to the area. 3.2 IMPORTANT FACTORS CONCERNING TRAINING In determining the business opportunity, it is important to see what factors influence training and how important these factors are to gun owners and hunters. These factors will also influence the product offering. Important factors would be added to the product offering, while factors not so important would be dropped or stated as "optional". The responses were as follows: Important factors regarding shooting practice very important important neutral less important not important Total Professionalism of training ...read more.


However, this study was not conducted to determine limiting factors, and further research is suggested on the correlation of limiting factors and training. The market shows a willingness to commence in alternative training programs on a more frequent basis provided that services are conducted by professional and skilled instructors in the George vicinity The core finding of this product is that the business concept of Laser Shot technology is viable on the platform that there is ample opportunity and different segments available for growth. Should Laser Shot technology obtain a contract from the university as well as support from the hunting association, stability would also be achieved. Social sustainability can be achieved since it provides accessibility to respondents that do not possess their own firearms (such as students) and also to those that does not have the shooting range facilities available to them, as well as providing more regular training sessions (increased frequency). Environmental sustainability can be achieved since Laser Shot technology does completely safe as it does not require the use of live ammunition. It is not harmful to the environment. However, the sample population was too small to determine long-term economic sustainability. It is recommended that the students studying at the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University be regarded as a different and viable segment to the hunters and gun owners segment, and that a different study be conducted as to the sustainability of that segment. Students at the NMMU, George Campus were asked to fill questionnaires, as it is necessary for these students in their line of profession to be able to handle a firearm, but access and formal training is, at present, lacking within their syllabus. . So in conclusion it can be stated that the market research shows positive results. Yet, it is recommended that a similar, but more detailed study be conducted with a larger sample group involving more detailed questions about alternative training methods as well as various limiting factors. It is also recommended that research be done on security segments such as security services, police and military organizations. ...read more.

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