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This document analyses the UK shower industry, value proposition of Quartz-Aqualisa's revolutionary shower, marketing strategies employed by Aqualisa and suggests ways to make them more effective.

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I hereby certify that the following piece of work complies with the Own Work. Declaration form already issued and with the University's Rules and Regulations relating to plagiarism and collusion, as listed in the Essential Information for Students and the MBA Course Handbook. Practical Course Work Aqualisa's Quartz Showers The Future of Showering Introduction This document analyses the UK shower industry, value proposition of Quartz-Aqualisa's revolutionary shower, marketing strategies employed by Aqualisa and suggests ways to make them more effective. The UK Shower Market - Product Offers and the Customer Behaviour The current market size of all different kinds of showers offered in UK was more than 1.8 million units valuing more than �5 Billion.1 Only 60% of the bathrooms in UK had a shower whereas all bathrooms had a bathtub. Prevalent problems in plumbing systems and showers The plumbing in UK was predominantly of the Victorian era. These systems were gravity fed which resulted in non uniform pressure and flow resulting in temperature fluctuations. The flow rates were around 3-4 litres per minute against the standard flow rates of 18 litres per minute in the USA. Also the showers broke down frequently and were difficult to repair as the seals used to get jammed and needed replacement. The replacement of the broken/worn down showers accounted for nearly 50% market.2 The users were having poor knowledge about the showers, available brands and options. ...read more.


This resulted in lower push from sales team. 5. Only 10% of their time was devoted by Sales team on new prospects. This meant that they were limiting themselves to a smaller group of potential buyers. 6. Awareness: There were little actions taken to spread the benefits and the wow factor of the Quartz shower to the end consumers apart from a weekly advertisement in The Mail. What should Rawlinson do? To increase sales, it is necessary to understand the Decision Making Process (DMP)13 of the target market segments. The DMP of the users and the plumbers are different. For DIY and Developers, we would need to establish a separate strategy. Mapping the DMP Plumbers Users - Premium, Standard Unaware Unaware Awareness Awareness Reluctance Demonstration Trial Knowledge of benefits Purchase Purchase Positive Attitude/Reference Repeat Based on the DMP, our Marketing and Communications Strategy should be to increase awareness and trial/demonstrations. Further, the strategy should be based on the 6Ms model14 to consider all the aspects and maximize the output. 6Ms Model 1. Market: We have not targeting the user-value segment since it is not suitable for Quartz. 2. Mission: To achieve a sale of at least 100 units per day in the next 3-4 months to bring Quartz in the mainstream segment. The maximum time available till another competitor catches up with the innovation is estimated to be 2 years. ...read more.


installed four times faster, does not need any excavation, offer a 5 year parts warranty, does not go wrong and need a second free visit. They will choose this over the Mixer and the Power Showers of other players such as Mira, Masco, Ideal Standard and Triton because we can uniquely offer remotely located water mixing mechanism that is electronically controlled and superior design from our focus on innovation, state art of testing facilities and engineering development team. Exhibit 4 : New Sales & Marketing Department Structure. Exhibit 5 : Marketing Communication and Promotion Expenditure. Less focus is given on advertisement and more focus is given on the push strategies. This way the maximum proportion of the marketing promotion expenditure occurs after the actual sales occur. Marketing Communications Media Expenditure type - Before / After Sale 1. Advertising on Shower Gels Before 2. Advertising on Internet (pay per click) Before the sale, but charged only on click not for placements 3. Advertising in Newspapers Before 4. Sales Restructuring - Extra Mktg. executives Before, however they will be used for closer monitoring of the implementation schemes and to push other products also. 5. Channels - Plumbers Commission After Plumber Loyalty Program Before Launch Event Before Trade Shops Early Discounts After Trade shops - staff training costs Before Showrooms - Early Discounts After Only in cases of Launch event and training programs there can be a substantial outflow earlier, however this is absolutely necessary to increase awareness in the Plumbers. ...read more.

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