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This paper will focus on Facebook as the primary social media-networking channel. Following with a discussion of advantages and disadvantages of using Facebook as a marketing tool.

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Choose one of the media discussed in class and write no more than 500 words discussing the advantages and disadvantages for using it for marketing. Nowadays social media networking is considered to be one of the upcoming trends of communication tools. The term of social media holds a similar meaning to web 2.0, which is about online networking. There are many forms of social media such as social networks with Facebook and Twitters, Blogs, Wikis, Podcasts, Forums and etc. (Mayfield 2008). Hence the impact of social media have brought to the public, the mix of social media with marketing had create the ultimate combination to the new world of marketing and advertising (Evans 2010). ...read more.


There are plenty of benefits for businesses to use Facebook application as their marketing tools. Likewise, rising brand awareness through the social network of Facebook. The site is becoming more popular amongst a wide range of demographics groups and, it would create a great target market for businesses to build a certain relationship with consumers and prospects. There are many other benefits such as customer engagement with the latest update of wall post, events and certain news. While businesses can gain a certain group of target audience it would certainly brings a good client retention or brand loyalty (Phang 2011, Levy 2010). In certain sense, by promoting online can create awareness along with other good benefits but it can also gain certain disadvantages which may break the businesses. ...read more.


(Mayfield 2008, Phang 2011, Evans 2010) There is always exceptional success with particular brands or businesses, such as Volkswagen. For Volkswagen, the businesses had expanded its connection with consumers by registering its business to be one of the active users of Facebook. The strategies for VW to interact with the public were to create individual sites for all of its cars. Volkswagen has utilized the Facebook networking by provided the next stage of connection with customized recommendation for users in the choice of vehicle through provided user's profile. (Levy 2010) The overall use of Facebook social media are seen to be very good tool for businesses to take into account. Yet the use of Facebook marketing strategies may only create certain success to particular products or services as it is all about targeting the right audience group in order to create sales. ...read more.

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