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This report seeks to explore the different recruitment and selection approaches in human resource management. Furthermore, it has a discussion about the advantages and disadvantages of some approaches.

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Principles of Human Resource Management for IBC EB3701 Recruitment and Selection 4th November 2011 Words: 1450 Abstract Overview - With the increasing global competition today, human resources are an important factor to build the core competitive power. For many enterprises, human resources recruitment and selection are an important part of developing process, providing talents and power for the company. This report seeks to explore the different recruitment and selection approaches in human resource management. Furthermore, it has a discussion about the advantages and disadvantages of some approaches. Findings -The analysis has shown that the approaches of recruitment and selection will directly affect the quality of staff and enterprise management efficiency. Different ways have different benefits, choose a right and efficiency way of recruitment and selections should consider that cost, time, and results. Contents Abstract 1 1.0. Introduction 3 2.0. Recruitment and Selection 4 2.1. Analysis of Recruitment Approaches 4 2.2. Analysis of Selection Approaches 5 2.3. Discussion 6 3.0. Job Advert about Barclays Corporate 7 3.1. Analysis of the Job Advert 7 3.2. Recommendations 7 4.0. Conclusion 8 References 9 Appendix 10 1.0. Introduction The report explores HRM as the important part of business management, among of the recruitment is very important. Bloisi (2007) defined recruitment as"The different activities of attracting applicants to an organization, and the selection of people to fill vacancies" ( p.107). ...read more.


2.3. Discussion Based on the analysis of the recruitment and selection approaches, in the high-tech human society, internet becomes the most important role in our life. Applicant began to find job on-line, and the company select the applicant on-line. This study has shown that the widest user of recruitment is the on-line recruitment. "Advertising vacancies online is increasingly done, encouraging e-mail applications, online applications and even online testing (Branine, 2008)." Moreover, it is important that to a well design job advertisement to attract the applicants and put it on the right website. Even though a lot of research that pointed out that interview as the most used method of selection, there are also many problems about the interviews. Anderson and Shackleton(1994) pointed out the candidates are a poor predictor of future performance. Obviously, just the traditional method is not enough to efficiency for company selecting, so we should combine with the test to improve the success rate. From the above, it can perhaps be concluded that different channel of recruitment has different benefits; we should choose a suitable one for company attract and retain the talent. 3.0. Job Advert about Barclays Corporate 3.1. Analysis of the Job Advert Barclays Corporate have clear description and explain about what they are looking for. It is including the requirement of the degree, work experience, ability to learn and so on. ...read more.


You will be placed according to the needs of the business at the time, as well as your individual development requirements. Wherever you're based, you can be sure of high profile and challenging work that will stand out as making a difference to our organisation - and our clients. We will also take in to account any circumstances that might prevent you from being able to move in to a particular role or location, and where possible will make any reasonable adjustments needed to find a solution that both suits you and the business. Who we're looking for To join one of our graduate programmes, you need to have achieved, or be expecting to achieve a 2.1 degree (or equivalent). This can be in any discipline. You must also have passed GCSE English and Maths at grades A-C (or equivalent). In addition, we're looking for people with some practical work experience under their belt, along with a willingness to relocate if this proves necessary. Beyond this, you should be able to demonstrate proficiency in the following competencies: � Customer/Client focus � Commerciality � Risk management � Deliver solutions � Decision making � People development � Communication and Influence � Collaboration Application and selection Our application and selection process challenges you to demonstrate your potential in a number of different ways. The process takes eight to ten weeks to complete and comprises the following steps: 1. Online application form 2. Online numerical and verbal reasoning tests 3. Telephone interview 4. Assessment Centre 5. Offer ?? ?? ?? ?? 4 ...read more.

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