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This report shows a marketing mix for the Apple iPhone, with the purpose of introducing the iPhone to the Southeast Asia market for the first time.

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ACKNOWLEDGEMENT Sincere gratitude goes out to Mr.Sevakumar A/L T.Batumalai, for creating an understanding of what a marketing mix is. I truly and humbly appreciate your assistance and guidance, believing that without your help I would have not been able to complete this report. Special thanks goes to my brother Farzan, for helping me with my report by finding time out of your busy schedule. Your time and words are highly recognized and appreciated throughout the beginning of this report till its end. Also my heartfelt thanks goes to my brother Farhan, for helping me with the presentation slides of this report and for being always so welcoming whenever I needed any help in it. Also I take this opportunity to thank my sweet buddy Reshwan, for helping me in finding some useful links through which I was able to get some really important information. In addition, to everyone who helped me in obtaining even the slightest information that was necessary to write this report, I want to thank you for your assistance and corporation for it is highly recognized and appreciated. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY / ABSTRACT This report shows a marketing mix for the Apple iPhone, with the purpose of introducing the iPhone to the Southeast Asia market for the first time. For instance it shows a report on how Apple can carry on with their marketing strategies such as product strategies, Pricing strategies, Promotion strategies and Distribution strategies. ...read more.


THREATS Due to the expansion of the smart phone market, the levels of competitions and rivals are increasing. So there are few barriers for entry in the market and firms need to make its products patented and this can increase the internal costs of the firms. Add to that, the price of iPhone is assumed to be quite high. But due to high competition, Apple might need to reduce its price to increase sales. PEST ANALYSIS PEST means Political, Economical, Social and Technological factors that Apple need to keep in mind. In other words they are the environmental variables that can affect the business. Political factors like payment of tax and being within the advertising ethics is important for Apple to be in safer side. And economic factors are also very important for Apple because it can aid them in deciding their long term and short term plan. This also includes the impact of variables like inflation and interest rates upon the business planning. The social factors are the factors which consider the cultural and social life of consumers. And technological factors include those factors with the help of which Apple can gain competitive advantage over its rivals. MARKETING STRATEGIES FOR APPLE IPHONE PRODUCT STRATEGIES Product element plays an important role in the marketing strategies since this includes what the customers believe about our products value, features and benefits. Some of the product strategies Apple can use for positioning the iPhone are certain classes of users, which means iPhone can be targeted on certain classes of users. ...read more.


DISTRIBUTION STRATEGIES Placing involves deciding on which outlets to distribute, what is the level of distribution targeted at and how to achieve that target. For Apple one of the most appropriate placing strategies could be the selective strategy. This involves placing iPhone to a selective region and not to all regions. This strategy could be very cost efficient and will be easy to distribute iPhone to the target segment. Apart from this Apple can also go for franchising or licensing as a method of distributing the iPhone. Our main aim is placing iPhone with all the reputable major retailers. All the Apple stores and Apple website will dedicate themselves to iPhone and also provide channel partners by providing product demonstrations. CONCLUSION After considering the available options and their possible outcomes, following are the most appropriate strategies that Apple can choose in order to market its iPhone to Southeast Asia market. * Under the product strategy Apple can use three strategies, which are Certain classes of users, Benefits the products offer and then Away from competitors. * Under the price strategy the most appropriate strategy would be better value for money and penetration pricing, since Southeast Asia might include a number of cost conscious customers compared to European market therefore Skimming might not be very a good choice and Apple can go for optional product pricing as a product mix pricing strategy. * As for this promotion strategy apart from the above mentioned promotional tools, Apple can go with the Consumer promotion tools and trade promotion tools as their sales promotion techniques. * Eventually Apple can use selective strategy and franchising as their distribution strategy. ...read more.

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