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This study critically several areas of change management process and identify the factors of creating success for M&S with the help of using theories and examples.

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Name - Kazi Mosharrof Hossain ID No - 109666 Batch - MBA Advance Entry 2011 Subject - Change Management Tutor Name - Mr. Nazimudeen Saleem Index ? Executive Summary ? Introduction ? Organisational Background ? Factors of change ? Internal Factor ? External Factor * Change Management Models * Resistance to change process ? Process of reducing the challenges ? Conclusion ? References Executive Summary Managing the change process is a big step for M&S. Recently; M&S has made a massive change by introducing their new green issues programme. They made a big change in their product categories and create a big change for adapting new policies. Change management needs to consider about the potential challenges and some key barriers. M&S can reduce their barriers by increasing the customer's relationships and by creating common objectives for gaining the competitive advantage. M&S need to involve their skills employee in the change management process and use them to gain the success. This study critically several areas of change management process and identify the factors of creating success for M&S with the help of using theories and examples. Introduction: Managing the change is a big issue for any organisation when they are going to expand their business operations. Change is a continuous process and organisations need to have a continuous plan for overcoming the barriers of change process. An effective change management programme can find out the potential problems and create more options for developing new opportunities (Boddy, 2010). There are several types of changes may occurs in any organisation such as technological changes, cultural changes, changes in the processing system or changes in the buying habits of the customers. ...read more.


a) Unfreezing: At this stage, M&S will try to find out the key factors of change management such as identifying the reasons that are creating the change, creation of a change management plan such as the resources requirements to implement the change process. For example, M&S has increased their digital advertising plan for creating customer's interest and to increase more sales. At this stage, they need to think about the costs of implementing the change process such as creation of the financial planning, identifying the factors that may create customer's interest and some factors which are creating the interest of the customers towards making the change process (Jobber, 2010). b) Movement: At the second stage, customers will move into the change management process such as they will be influenced towards making the change. At this stage, some customer's motivational forces such as creating customer awareness programme, digital advertisement, personal selling process and some other key factors will be considered to maintain the change process. They can also introduce some new technology or technological development for creating the interest towards the consumer buying process (Peter, et al., 2008). They also need to develop the skills of their employees and need to improve their capacities for providing the quality services. In these types of situations providing the quality services is important to create the change process in the organisation. (Fig-1: Lewin's three stages model, adapted from, Boddy, 2010) c) Refreeze: Finally, last stages M&S will make ensure that the change management will take place permanently such as here M&S will think about the measurement of the sustainability issues of the change process. ...read more.


In this green issues programme they can consider some cultural factors by creating awareness programme in the cultural festivals. They can make some discounted offers for several cultural programmes and create an interest in consumer's mind (Dessler, 2008). c) Developing the workforces: By developing the workforces such as developing their skills, level of competence, their ways of decision making and capabilities of taking high pressure can also help to develop an effective change management plan. They need to consider about the employee's feedback and if they can successfully considers the feedback from the employees than they can make a good change management plan for M&S. d) Strategic planning: By creating the strategic planning M&S can identify the possible problems or it can help them to develop a contingency planning method for improving the service quality. Strategic planning also considers about obstacles to make the gain the market share or reducing the potential challenges from the customers (Jobber, 2010). Before implementing the change plan M&S needs to identify the problems and they need to develop their planning perfectly for creating success history. Conclusion: In conclusion, change management is a big challenge for M&S when they are going to increase their sales or want to be competitive in a challenging marketing environment. Change management will consider about several issues such as consumer's demand, cultural factors, effective segmentation and positioning plan. It is required to increase the awareness programme of the new product so that it can create more customers' demand for M&S. In order to reduce the challenges of change management M&S needs to reduce the options into the minimum level and they need to increase online advertising programme. By evaluating the resistance to change M&S can also reduce the possible barriers of change process and accelerate sales frequently. ...read more.

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