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Title: Analyse and investigate consumer responses towards Internet shopping and the

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Title: ?Analyse and investigate consumer responses towards Internet shopping and the effects of branding strategy on consumer?s behaviour? Abstract: The ever increasing use of the internet and progress made on information technology have altered the ways goods are bought and trade on the internet, this leads to a high numbers of people shopping on line. Nevertheless, there have been different issues as to how purchased have been made for online shoppers. This is because of different customer characteristics which influenced their decisions and also the products available for purchase. As a result we need to understand who the consumers are the motivation for shopping online and their reason for using and avoiding the internet as a distribution outlet is a major issue for electronic commerce watchers and consumer truth-seeker. Also to be considered is how firms branding strategy influenced the consumers? behaviour. Introduction 1.1 Background Information technology plays a leading role in various business organisations and on daily basis activities of individual. The internet has altered the way people correspond, labour and carry out commercial activities. It has also affected the way we communicate and do things that are traditional done in a manual way. As Noor and Hamid (2008) argued the appearance of internet expertise especially the World Wide Web, as a means of exchange in commerce provides new opportunities for organisation to accept the internet as their marketing outlet (International Journal of Communications).Services on the internet continue to grow especially in business to end user and from business to industry environments. For organisation, the most important aspect of the internet is the contribution in the area of broadcasting information, promoting customer value, the improvement of customer satisfaction, retention and loyalty which at the end of the day leads to organisation benefit and profitability. From the customer standpoint internet shopping has reduce the cost of searching, expand the choice of vendors, reduce the cost of product/service rendered and increased convenience thus allowing control over products and services offered. (International Journal of Communication). ...read more.


as cited in Huber, Herrmann and Henneberg (2007) identify customer value on the bases of the consumer view of whatever they wanted at a particular period with the assistant of a product or service offered in order to fulfil a principle. Value in a broader sense is a symbol of an occurrence focussed towards consumption preference. Conceptual model and Hypothesis development: In evaluating consumer experience towards online shopping , the researcher propose the online factor conceptual model which depicts the online attributes and the outcome of their online shopping process (see figure 1). The factors are discussed in details followed by hypothesis that will be investigated; Product characteristics Zhu, F. And Zhang, M (2010) suggested that product and consumer specific characteristics can significantly moderate the relationship between reviews and purchase decisions. Their study was on product popularity and they looked into product specific characteristic and the consumer experience of using the internet. The consumer view of reviewing the product to be purchase has a great impact on the sales of the product. Firstly products that are popular are always reviewed frequently, the frequent review might lead the customer to trust the site more based on the information that has being acquired. With the frequent reviews popular product receive; consumer tends to be more confident that they can find most reviews of popular product online thus are more certain to search online for popular products. Reviews of popular product could influence consumer behaviour decisions because the consumers are exposed to these reviews often. In view of these findings, it is hypothesised that: H1: Frequent review of online products sales will impact on consumer purchase decisions; hence organisation online strategies need to adjust accordingly. Efficiency: Information technology provides on line customers with incredible opportunity to access product information on the internet from any part of the world and from multiple sources. The less time available for shopping , limited information ?processing means and the volatile amount of information on the web, has led customer to seek more control , less effort and greater efficiency during shopping. ...read more.


The research elucidates the relationship of perception of online behaviour and the quality antecedent technologies are the importance of performance attributes. The findings in this study have contributed to knowledge having conducted a test on theories of consumer behaviour, technological attributes dimension and their relationships. The outcome of the examination validates previous researches of consumer behaviour and few studies on branding strategies. Importantly, the study finding that the response of the consumer is a major attribute that can be measured and respond too immediately for better results. It is clear that consumers are very dissatisfied with the lack of privacy on the websites and as a result E-Retailers should build a website this is easy to navigate and protected. The study will also be beneficial to E- commerce retailers as this will help to improve or change their strategies in dealing with responses of the consumers. Conclusion 6.0 Recommendations Introductions This chapter suggests recommendations for future research and concludes with limitations of the research. Recommendations The E-commerce retailers must address all the attributes identified in this study that can induce online shoppers and customer satisfaction particularly the attributes mentioned above. It is important for E-retailers to be timely on the important information on consumer attitudes; the most important behaviour towards online shopping is the attitudes towards online transaction, product services and web design. Constant innovation and the adoption of new technologies will drive the growth and use of internet retailing as most internet shoppers are more selective and difficult. Further research Further research can be conducted on the effect of culture, language on the technological attributes and its implication on consumer behaviour Further research is needed to take a broad view of the results across demographics of Internet users This study could be improved if a Web-based survey was conducted to simultaneously assess respondents? reactions to a particular site features while they interact with the site. This research could be applied more broadly to authenticate to what extent the results can be transposed to other regions of the world where consumers? behaviour may differ depending on culture, beliefs and technology acceptance level. ...read more.

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