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"To investigate the re-organisation methods and outcomes of the Finance Department of Emerson & Son's Ltd, Craigavon"

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Evaluation and Recommendations After undertaking the research needed to carry out this investigation through methods using primary and secondary data, conclusions can be made in relation to the objectives and aims of this project, titled: "To investigate the re-organisation methods and outcomes of the Finance Department of Emerson & Son's Ltd, Craigavon" At the beginning of my investigation, I set myself three objectives. I knew that setting objectives would be beneficial to me, as they would provide a sense of direction as to where the investigation was going. My objectives enabled me to realise the goals, which needed to be achieved in order to successfully complete the investigation. Another important factor in which I had to consider early days in this investigation was to set myself a set of realistic objectives that were attainable, as I didn't want to waste any time and effort trying to fulfil impossible objectives. I will discuss each objective thoroughly in my evaluation. Objective One: Identify and examine objectives behind the re-organisation. For my first objective, I set out to identify and investigate the objectives behind the re-organisation. ...read more.


Now, for my third aim I will make recommendations as to how the firm could resolve problems including within the department, are to enhance employee motivation. Objective Three: Make recommendations as to how the objectives may have been met more effectively. For my third objective, I set out to make recommendations as to how the objectives may have been met more effectively. Again, I addressed my research methods and directed a question within my employee questionnaire and asked the employees on their opinions to gather what strategies they believe would further enhance employee performance. Results of this question proved inclusive that increased training was most popular with 42% if the employee base, 33% felt increased updates would prove beneficial and 25% included improved communication would enhance employee performance. My own Recommendations Change of the Management Leadership styles. From conducting the Management Interview with Lois Kennedy, I was constructed that there would be an official change of the Management Leadership Styles. Lois confessed to have been a more Autocratic Manager prior to the re-organisation: with a one-way communication flow from the top of the hierarchical structure to the bottom. ...read more.


At the end of this investigation, I have concluded that it would prove that the reorganisation was a success. The strategies in place to help achieve the objectives behind the re-organisation were researched thoroughly, however a few problems did arise, however it is evitable for a firm to re-organise and not endure a few problems along the way. If I had to repeat, this investigation there may be some things I would have approached differently. I feel that looking in hindsight there were several measures that I may have taken in order to make my results were more conclusive and accurate. Probably the main area in my investigation that lacked enough detail would be my primary research including the questionnaires and the management interview. I feel that my primary data would have been more representative if I had more people fill in a questionnaire. Another problem that the people who did fill out my questionnaires did not specify their chose of reasoning which was a draw back to my questionnaires as I was unable to successfully evaluate each question. Another factor that added to my results not to be accurate was that I was unable to achieve information about Emerson & Son's on their website which I did address in my methodology section. ...read more.

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