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'Travel broadens the mind'

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'Travel broadens the mind' Travel does broaden the mind. However it is what 'travel' means to the individual. Is it is the consequence of travel where the true expansion is achieved. Travel opens a doorway for the individual to seek the experiences and be open to the absorption of those experiences. Allowing to take from those to build on and develop. These journeys could be far afield or a walk to the corner shop- Muslims praying to the West or the tired eyes of the lady passed in the street Each experience opening a spectrum of further questions. ...read more.


To see how others see things, observation of their lifestyles and convictions, values and beliefs helps you adapt your own lifestyle and convictions when dealing with situations circumstance and change. However learning about different cultures and beliefs can be stressful. Feelings that personal beliefs and cultures are challenged. Such feelings could block the ability to acquire anything: therefore gaining little from this aspect of travel. Travel can be clouded by self-doubt or particular situations- ' where did I put the tickets', adding stress to the experience. ...read more.


Travelling to new places puts you in new situations, even unpleasant experiences serve to broaden the mind: a gain of self understanding, personal preference and capability, that pushes for personal reflection. I feel it is hard to do most things especially travel, without broadening the mind, if only you learn, how to do it better next time. As with travel, it is how the individual defines 'Broaden the mind'. For me, broadening the mind could be learning one small detail or adopting a whole new way of life. Travel is an extension of the fundamental element of human nature: to learn from others and surroundings, simply on a larger scale. ...read more.

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