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Unit 5 Business Studies

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  • Submitted: 04/10/2007
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University Degree Marketing

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Unit 5: Investigating Customer Service

By Mandip Purewal


In this unit I will have to find the importance of customer service in a variety of business contexts. Customer service applies equally to all business organisations.

You will need to understand:

The impact of customers, both new and old on the organisation

The difference between internal and external customers

- Internal, e.g. colleagues, other departments, service providers

- External, e.g. individuals, families, different ages, different cultures

I will then need to understand what customer service includes and that by definition.

You will need to understand:

Staff, e.g. appearance, prompts service, helpfulness, and reliability, accuracy of information, teamwork, and training

premises, e.g. layout, tidiness, accessibility, well-stocked

providing quality products/services, e.g. after-care service, value for money, added value, competitive edge.

Customer service is basically about the employees helping customers locate a lot of items in which they need; customer service will benefit an organisation by having effects of them going to it again and again, customer service plays a major part in an organisations profit.


Asda was acquired

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