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Unit 5 Business Studies

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Unit 5: Investigating Customer Service By Mandip Purewal Introduction In this unit I will have to find the importance of customer service in a variety of business contexts. Customer service applies equally to all business organisations. You will need to understand: The impact of customers, both new and old on the organisation The difference between internal and external customers - Internal, e.g. colleagues, other departments, service providers - External, e.g. individuals, families, different ages, different cultures I will then need to understand what customer service includes and that by definition. You will need to understand: Staff, e.g. appearance, prompts service, helpfulness, and reliability, accuracy of information, teamwork, and training premises, e.g. layout, tidiness, accessibility, well-stocked providing quality products/services, e.g. after-care service, value for money, added value, competitive edge. Customer service is basically about the employees helping customers locate a lot of items in which they need; customer service will benefit an organisation by having effects of them going to it again and again, customer service plays a major part in an organisations profit. Background Asda was acquired by the US Corporation Wal-Mart in June 1999. Wal-Mart is the world's largest retailer (based on turnover), with worldwide operations and a total store portfolio of around 4,400. Since being acquired by Wal-Mart, Asda has become the UK's third largest grocery retailer, as measured by reported turnover. Asda had 258 stores in the UK as at 31 December 2002, these being on average about 4,200 sq metres in size. Asda's turnover increased by per cent in the two years to 31 December 2002, from £9.7 billion to £ billion. Operating profits during that period increased per cent, from £503 million to £ million. Much of the recent growth in Asda's turnover is attributable to sales of non-food items such as clothing and home and leisure products. The office of fair trading The Director-General of Fair Trading has wide powers to monitor and investigate trading activities and to refer monopoly or anti-competitive situations to the Competition Commission (often via the President of the Board of Trade). ...read more.


sure that they do not slip in the market share, the external customers expect to get good customer service as they are the ones who mainly come back to the store and where they gain most of the money and to make sure that they keep them satisfied. The internal customers of Asda are the customers that already work there and the ones who will want a discount from all there hard work and they will want this because it will make sure that the employees will be kept happy and they will also continue to work at the store and it will Customer needs may be defined as the facilities or services a customer requires to achieve specific goals or objectives. Needs are generally non-negotiable, but may be optional or of varying importance to the customer. In any transaction, customers seek value-for-money, and will often consider a range of vendors' offers before settling on a purchase. Customer expectations are based on perceived values of facilities or services as applied to specific needs. Expectations are influenced by cultural values, advertising, marketing, and other communications, both with the supplier and with other sources. Expectations are negotiable and modifiable. Both customer needs and expectations may be determined through interviews, surveys, conversations or other methods of collecting information. Customers at times do not have a clear understanding of their needs. Assisting in determining needs is a valuable service to the customer. In the process, expectations may be set or adjusted to correspond to known product capabilities or service. Pre transactional Asda revealed in greater detail that they will have eliminated jobs that were part of the plan for a larger improvement to the customer service and would be offset somewhat by a restructuring of the way its stores are managed. As a result, eight new frontline customer service positions were created at its 279 stores for a total of 2,250 new "shop floor" jobs. ...read more.


Asda will need to make sure they keep the customer service up to a good rate otherwise they will start losing customers, and if they keep this up then Asda will not lose customers and they will find this a lot more better and they will then start to beat competitors. Knowledge of range of products The Asda staff need to have a great knowledge of what they are selling, this will ensure when a customers asks them a question they will know where to get it from and can tell them if there are any available, this will ensure that the customers are kept happy and they will not think anything negative about the store this is good for Asda as it will help them beat there other competitors and it can keep them on top of the market and make them remain as the market leader. Meeting the need of the customers Asda will want to meet the needs of the customers this is good as it will ensure that they can The impact of Asda on the customer service The impact of the customer service at Asda is that they make sure that the employees watch a video to make sure that they are providing a good customers service and this will also make sure that they will be able to make sure that the customers are very happy and that they are purchasing many items as possible and that they are coming to the store again and again. Asda will make sure that they will have everything up to scratch with the customer service they will also make sure that every customer is treated with respect and that they are getting the service in which they require and that they are also getting the right amount of service from the employees. Business - Pizza Hut ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 By Mandip Purewal ...read more.

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