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United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) is an organisation committed to promoting for the fulfilment of rights for children - A research was undertaken in one of the districts in Zimbabwe which has a significantly high number of orphans.

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NOTTINGHAM TRENT UNIVERSITY IN CONJUCTION WITH OPEN LEARNING CENTRE COURSE: CERTIFICATE IN MANAGEMENT STUDIES MODULE: MEETING CUSTOMER NEEDS STUDENT: VIMBAINASHE NDORO CM15 DUE DATE: 21 JULY 2003 Executive Summary The vulnerability of orphans and other vulnerable children in Zimbabwe is increasing rapidly due to the consequences of the current HIV/AIDS epidemic, deepening economic hardship and food insecurity. This report is aimed at looking at ways to meet the needs of these specific "customers". United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) is an organisation committed to promoting for the fulfilment of rights for children. A research was undertaken in one of the districts in Zimbabwe which has a significantly high number of orphans. The objective of the research was to establish what the needs of the orphans are and come up with critical actions to undertake in the future to meet these needs. The main areas of concern from the research were the increase in school drop-outs, increase in malnutrition cases and lack of psychosocial support for the orphans. Recommendations have been clearly outlined aimed at reducing the orphans overall vulnerability through various project interventions by supporting community based orphans and vulnerable children (OVC) programmes and bringing together policy makers and grassroots level service providers at policy level at district and community level. (to be revised) TABLE OF CONTENTS EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 2 1 INTRODUCTION 4 2 MARKETING RESEARCH 6 2.1.1 Research Methods 7 2.1.2 Sampling frame 7 2.1.3 Research Tools 8 3 SITUATION ANALYSIS 10 3.1 MICRO-ENVIRONMENT 10 3.1.1 Nature of the environment 10 3.1.2 The Porter's model of competitive advantage 11 3.1.3 SWOT ANALYSIS 14 3.2 MACRO ENVIRONMENT 15 3.2.1 PEST Analysis 15 3.2.2 TOWS Analysis 18 4 ANALYSIS OF RESEARCH FINDINGS 19 4.1 ANALYSIS OF WHAT UNICEF HAS DONE TO MEET CUSTOMER NEEDS 20 5 GAP ANALYSIS 22 5.1.1 Psycho-social support 22 5.1.2 Right to education 22 5.1.3 Access to food 23 5.2 STAKEHOLDER ANALYSIS 24 5.2.1 Mapping Level Interest 25 5.2.2 Public Sector Portfolio Matrix 26 5.3 MARKETING STRATEGY 27 6 CONCLUSION 28 ...read more.


This it can do by promoting the service through the media and advocating for children's rights. Product Market Present New Present Market Penetration (UNICEF) Product Development New Market Development Diversification Market penetration through 1. Promoting the nutritional status of the orphaned infants by supporting feeding programmes 2. support the organisation of workshops for community representatives to discuss the magnitude of the orphans crisis 3. Build capacity at workshops with the communities for them to better coordinate their support services 4. closely collaborate with NGOS in provision of Psychosocial services to OVC 6 Conclusion 1 7 Recommendations Critical Actions needed Responsible Stakeholders Implementation of critical action Indicators of success Time Frame for critical action Resources Conduct birth registration campaign to create awareness of the feasibility of the mandate Registrar General's Office, Non-governmental organistaions, UNICEF * Develop implementation mechanism * Mobile registration * Community based registration by traditional leaders * Flyers and medial campaign New birth registration requirements for orphans and vulnerable children December 2005 Human resources Financial resources Adequate financial and material resource to government of Zimbabwe and other NGOs to assist in provision of education to the orphans Ministry of Education , UNICEF, Selection Committees(community) * Sensitise community selection committees on transparent, equitable participatory selection of orphans * 100% of Orphans and Vulnerable children having access to school * zero drop-out rate of orphans in school December 2005 Human resources Financial resources Provide supplementary feeding where necessary. Encourage the use of traditional foods and fruits Ministry of Health UNICEF * To ensure adequate food supply for half of the orphans March 2004 Human resources Financial resources 8 References 1. Adcock D, Bradfield R, Halborg A & Ross C, 1995, "marketing Principles and Practice, Pitman 2. Arrow, Kenneth J., 1963, "Uncertainty and Welfare Economics of Medical Care", American Economic Review, p 941-973 3. Drucker,Peter F,1989,"What business can Learn from non-profits", Harvard Business Review,p.88-83 4. Drucker,Peter F, 1190,"Managing the non-profit organisation: Practices and Principles,New York,Harper Collins 5. ...read more.


The other HHH should not be asked these three questions but should answer the rest. No. Question Response Skip to: Q301 When did you assume the responsibility of being the head of this household? Less than 6 months ago 7 months to 1 year ago Over 1 to 2 years ago more than 2 years ago DON'T KNOW NO RESPONSE 1 2 3 4 88 99 Q302 How many biological (they have the same mother and father as you) brothers and sisters are you looking after in this household? Brothers-------------------------- (indicate number) Sisters----------------------- (indicate number) DON'T KNOW NO RESPONSE 88 99 Q303 How many other children (they do not have the same mother and father as you) are you taking care of? (This can be None or Zero) Boys _______________ (indicate number) Girls _______________ (indicate number) NONE DON'T KNOW NO RESPONSE 0 88 99 Q304 Are you in gainful employment? YES NO NO RESPONSE 1 2 99 If yes skip to Q306 Q305 How do you manage to make ends meet? Self employment One of household members working Support from relatives Support from institutions Other ---------------------------------------- DON'T KNOW NO RESPONSE 1 2 3 4 88 99 If do not get additional support skip to 308 Q306 If you receive support (from relatives/organisation) how regular is the support? Daily Once a week Once in 2 weeks Once a month Once in 3 months DON'T KNOW NO RESPONSE 1 2 3 4 5 88 99 Q307 What nature of support do you receive? Financial assistance Food Assistance School Fees Medical Fees Other------------------------------------------ DON'T KNOW NO RESPONSE 1 2 3 4 88 99 Q308 What do you see as the greatest challenge of heading a household? Discipline Shortage of finances Sickness School requirements Adjusting to prevailing situations Lack of food Other ____________________ NONE NO RESPONSE 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 99 2 30 15 46 15 58 ...read more.

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