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value chain

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http://www.marketingteacher.com/Lessons/lesson_value_chain.htm http://www.ukeducation.org.uk/Documentation.asp?key=1340 http://www.12manage.com/methods_porter_value_chain.html http://tutor2u.net/business/strategy/value_chain_analysis.htm www.andrew.cmu.edu/course/70-381/chap18.ppt Answer to d Value chain analysis Porter developed the value chain analysis to realize operational activities which is closely connected with the activities of cost behaviour. Value chain defined as integrated series of organisation, resources, and information involved in production to deliver a value to customers at end . Generally it explain the whole process of a product or service from being conceptualization, supply it to consumers and disposal after final use .A firm or an organization who operates value chain efficiently also cost effectively than it rivals gain competitive advantage. Primary and secondary stages are involved in value chain analysis. Inbound logistic In this activities relationship are created with supplier by receiving goods, storing them till they are required for production or supply, and performing inventory in due time.. Transportation of goods is performed under this activities. For example product are stored in warehouse and often transported to retailer by manufacturer. Operation operation activities comes in function after Inbound logistic. which mostly does machining work, product packaging etc. For example operation activities could include room service or packing item for online shoppers. Outbound logistic Here in this process products are now ready for distribution to its customers. ...read more.


Human resource department also follow dismissal procedure when required. Answer to E Dell Computers can be illustrated as an example of Value Chain analysis. It manufactures computers in several region such as Europe, America, Taiwan, Malaysia and China. This company has brought a significant change in computer production. By this strategy Dell has been able to sell computer directly to the customers. This system is known as Electronic Data Interchange and Just In Time (JIT) inventories are mostly depend on website technology. This process can supply the computer to a customer within a week as soon as an order is placed. Altogether assembling a computer take less than seven hours including software installation and system check. It is necessary for suppliers to hold the inventory as to get the parts when needed, as a result they know when replenishment is required. Dell became no 1 computer seller by maintaining efficient operation strategy. the server, storage system, mobile and desktop computers are built-to-order in six manufacturing facilities around the world The web based system instruct and maintain the order and inventory level. Dell can take its inventory only in four days regardless of how many customers they are serving with how many products. ...read more.


Technology and development As a computer supplier dell does not manufacture computers but assemble component of products successfully around the world. Dell hardly introduce new product in market and certain department get in touch with customer to get feedback on their technology that makes influence. It is then shared with Oracle, Intel, EMC and Red Hat to share in R&D cost. Dell and Microsoft are now working together to bring InfiniBand technology . It is a channel based technology which can send data in high speed for high-density server, storage and network device. Dell is committed to invest in technology to bring high performance and lower cost to customers. (Randy Groves, vice president of Dell's Enterprise Systems Group) Hrm Success of any organisation depend on employee of an organisation. they have to be competitive, meditative for being successful. Over 55,000 employees are working for dell. A group were formed to encourage a sense among employees participant, achieve target and creates personal development. This organisation tap the brightest and innate person and train them to get best possible outcomes. Dell believe that to remain competitive and successful and a unique place to work , their business must leverage the similarities and differences between members. This is what dell calls diversity. ...read more.

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