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Value Creation at Bramble Berry - Bramble Berry has expanded its offerings to include the materials to create a myriad of bath products, candles, and, perhaps most importantly, knowledge

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Value Creation at Bramble Berry Bramble Berry is a small company located in Bellingham, Washington that provides the necessary materials needed for making bath products such as soaps, lotions, and bath salts. The customer base is comprised primarily of women who are amateur and professional crafters from around the world. Founder and CEO, Anne-Marie Faiola, created Bramble Berry with the simple desire to provide the highest quality supplies for soap making, but since its inception in 1998 Bramble Berry has expanded its offerings to include the materials to create a myriad of bath products, candles, and, perhaps most importantly, knowledge (About Us, 2010). In consideration of the three classification levels offered in Focusing on Value: Reconciling Corporate Social Responsibility, Sustainability and a Stakeholder Approach in a Network World (Wheeler, Colbert, & Freeman, 2003, p. 11), Bramble Berry appears to seek to do the most good possible and maintain a sustainable organization (Social Responsibility Statement, 2010) ...read more.


Taking this a step further, the depth and quantity of communication that transpires through these various mediums helps to infuse aspects of Bramble Berry's culture and beliefs into the small businesses of their customers. Upon viewing the Facebook page for Bramble Berry, it is clear that not only are their customers delighted with the products and services they get from Bramble Berry, but they look to Faiola and other Bramble Berry associates to set the standard (Bramble Berry, 2011). Faiola takes this role seriously and has stepped up as an industry spokesperson, speaking at numerous events and working to ensure that new cosmetic legislation protects consumers without forcing many small handmade soap companies out of business (O'Donnell, 2011). The handmade soap industry prides itself on using ingredients that are healthier for your skin than those found in commercial detergent based soaps. ...read more.


Reaching out into the community, Faiola has written books to help share her family values, knowledge, and creative ideas with other soapers, homeschoolers, and parents. Bramble Berry also donates a portion of their profits to a number of local community organizations (Social Responsibility Statement, 2010). These types of behaviors all add social value and add to the overall value received by Bramble Berry's stakeholders. There is no doubt that Faiola is passionate about the direction she envisions for Bramble Berry, and this passion has added value on not just an economic level, but also social and environmental levels as well. This added value has definitely enhanced the overall product and stability of the company as a whole. While it is quite likely that there are times when Bramble Berry operates on other levels, Bramble Berry's history suggests that the majority of the time they operate as a level three: sustainable organization. ...read more.

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