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What business level strategy (ies) is Marriot pursuing?

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What business level strategy (ies) is Marriot pursuing? Marriot is using all the five generic strategies for it brands: Low-Cost leadership Ramada International Hotel & Resorts It is in the mid-market segment. Providing excellent facilities and services with reasonable prices. Broad Differentiation Marriott Hotels & Resorts It provides a good quality, full service and special care with consistently for it customers. The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company Offering a luxury real estate and it is a combining of second home personal service and amenities. Renaissance Hotel & Resorts Offering the guests a full attractive service and inspire their imagination with their style. Marriot Conference Centers It focuses on meetings and conferencing from small to mid-sized meetings. It helps in providing a superior service and to help quests to hold special events. Their location is reachable and their services are highly technical supplies. Best-Cost Provider Strategy Fairfield Inn by Marriot Provide a good quality of fine hotel services with inexpensive prices. ...read more.


Why is Marriott pursing these strategies? Marriott has many brands because they look to make their guest's trip successful whatever is the purpose of this traveling for business, pleasures, planning or meeting. They use different strategy for each unit or brand to achieve it goals and to be successful in the market. Marriot is using generic strategies for improving positioning and helping in satisfying their goals and customers. Also they aimed for these strategies to increase their revenues. Also for better performing better in the market and earn competitive advantages. The most common generic strategy that Marriott using for it brands is the focus strategy. Where they are focusing in specific people and products and provide the best service. What functional level strategies dose Marriot need to develop to support its business-level strategies? Marriott has lodging departments which include marketing, sales, human resources, diversity, development team, purchasing, etc. These departments are following functional level strategies which aimed to improve their operations and improve their ability to reach higher efficiency, quality, innovations and customer's responsiveness. ...read more.


Marriot might have to use offensive strategies which divided into two categories, the cost and differentiation to help Marriott to achieve competitive advantage. For the cost strategy, Marriott has different cost strategy for each brand but it might need more promotion about each brand. This will attract different level of customers and will gain customer loyalty and competitive advantage. In order to achieve differentiation advantage, Marriott has to increase it service quality by using new technologies. Although Marriott has one of the hotel leading websites and applied an online reservation system, but it still need more communication methods to reach all the internet users. Such as sending newsletters, using e-postcards, apply feedback page in the website. Using the new technology inside the company also can develop by using emails, e-documents and share drives. The maturity and decline stages come after the shakeout stage in the hotel industry life cycle. In these stages Marriott would use defensive strategy which make it perform as it competitors to protect it market and customers. ...read more.

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