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What business level strategy (ies) is Marriot pursuing?

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  • Submitted: 28/01/2005
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University Degree Marketing

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What business level strategy (ies) is Marriot pursuing?

Marriot is using all the five generic strategies for it brands:

Low-Cost leadership

Ramada International Hotel & Resorts

It is in the mid-market segment. Providing excellent facilities and services with reasonable prices.

Broad Differentiation

Marriott Hotels & Resorts

It provides a good quality, full service and special care with consistently for it customers.

The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company

Offering a luxury real estate and it is a combining of second home personal service and amenities.

Renaissance Hotel & Resorts

Offering the guests a full attractive service and inspire their imagination with their style.

Marriot Conference Centers

It focuses on meetings and conferencing from small to mid-sized meetings. It helps in providing a superior service and to help quests to hold special events. Their location is reachable and their services are highly technical supplies.

Best-Cost Provider Strategy

Fairfield Inn by Marriot

Provide a good quality of fine hotel services with inexpensive prices.

TownPlace Suites by Marriott

It provides more residential services that hotel with mid-prices.

SpringHill Suits

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