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When employees identify with organizational goals and culture they are less likely to leave their organization to work for another.

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When employees identify with organizational goals and culture they are less likely to leave their organization to work for another. Many employers attempt to increase the benefits to satisfy these goals for employees and make them happy. However, they are some organizations that fail to enhance employees' morale and commitment. This paper explains that in order for firms to have long-term success, they need to design effective human resource management (HRM) practices that encourage the retention of their skilled employees. It also focuses on job satisfaction and many factors that influenced such as work environment, interpersonal relations with managers and co-workers, employee perception, and motivation in three different companies, AT & T, USA Bank and Eli Lilly. Employee satisfaction always has been the most important issue for US corporations. Issues with productivity and turnover rate are of major concerns. For example, it is difficult to find the right person to replace with a vacant position. As well as, it is expensive to hire a person and spend time to train and select a new employee. What about designing new programs to increase productivity within the company? We believe that employer has the obligation to provide jobs, know fully what the jobs entail, select and train the proper workers for them, provide a working nurture environment conducive to job satisfaction, listen and communicate to their workers, and reward, compensate, advance, and evaluate them adequately. ...read more.


In situations where extra role conflict happens, the probabilities of absenteeism and turnover can result greater for the company (impact on the company's image). Thus, some standard benefits were created to meet the needs of the employees at Eli Lilly and Company leading the company list one of the top ten family and friendly oriented companies.3 A company's long-term success or failure is essentially dependent on the job security and the job satisfaction felt by the company's employees. An employer should have many loyal, hard working and intelligent employees in order to build up a successful and profitable business. However, this success or failure has to be balanced by management practices, behavior and environment conditions to enhance morale and commitment. In many companies it is found that employees work there for a year or less and they could not be satisfied. According to our textbook job satisfaction is primarily dependent on how workers feel about their jobs. In other words, job satisfaction is the key element for employee's fulfillment within an organization. What happens when a company does not have culture and does not offer the benefits required by an employee? Or what about an employee perceived unfairness? ...read more.


This can lead to low productivity and high turnover. This can happen if manager fails to communicate value/appreciation of the employee. The Manager needs to reassure the workers that their KSAOS are valued. The fourth cause is equity. AT & T and Eli Lilly employees were treated fairly because their needs were satisfactory met such as providing flexible schedule, meals for employees and balance in work and family. The KSOS's were valued and that eventually led to the companies' productivity. Lastly, the last cause of job satisfaction research by HRM and organization are trait/genetic components. Satisfaction is a function of personal traits and genetic factors. Throughout all the companies mentioned, each has its weaknesses and strengths for other companies to learn and plan better strategies to cope with employees. Everyone wants flexible schedules and convenient work locations. This can prevent conflict between work and family. This is not the only way to satisfy employees, communication is another key element. Unlike First USA Bank, the managers should have sufficient communication with employees. So that it can reach to high productivity. Someday, we may have our own company and it will inspire us how to plan well to cope with the employees. So instead of low turnover, the performance and productivities will be very high. Hence, we are looking forward this day to come. ...read more.

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