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"Why is effective recruitment and selection important to organisations? Which selection techniques are the most useful and why?"

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"Why is effective recruitment and selection important to organisations? Which selection techniques are the most useful and why?" This essay will inform people how effective recruitment and selection methods are important to organisations. It will also enlighten people on the different techniques that are used for selection purposes as well as which method is the most useful and why it is useful. Recruitment is a procedure that is undertaken in order to fill in a gap in the management and selection can be described as an assessed procedure in order to select a candidate that is most suitable for the position in hand. The main aim of recruitment and selection is to aid the decision making of the upper management to fill a gap; it helps them find the right candidate with the right qualifications and skills to be able to do the job not taking in to consideration their race, age, gender, colour or nationality. This is important as it is a fair, effective and in good practice. The recruitment and selection process is important to all organisations but at the same time there can be implications towards the organisational health and success i.e. ...read more.


and a person specification (what type of person is required for the position). A job analysis has certain processes to go through to finalise the job description and person specification. The organisation provides the Human resource department criteria that are set out about the organisation as well the functional department where the vacancy is held. These criteria's help identify the individual criteria for the job so a job specification can be written out. The way a job is adverted and the place it is adverted is important to an organisation. A job can be adverted in the local press, specialist journals or magazines, recruitment agencies, job centres, the company's website, etc. An organisation needs to think carefully depending on the vacancy where they want to advertise as they may get time wasting applicants which can be very costly to the organisation i.e. if you place a job advert in the local job centre you are more likely to get an unemployed person who may not be so qualified where as if you place the advert in a newspaper or a specific journal / magazine you will get applicants who are qualified, experienced and are more willing. ...read more.


It is not the fairest method either. In conclusion, effective recruitment and selection is important to organisations as they need to be able to choose the candidate with the right skills and qualifications who will be able to apply these attributes to the job. Experience would be an extra benefit to the organisation if the candidate has been in the same sort of environment before. Although it all depends on the type of organisation it is and what type of human resource model they follow. If an organisation is to follow the Michigan model, recruitment and selection is not looked at very carefully as most of these organisations do not have the right resources to go ahead with the process. On the other hand if the organisation follows the Guest model, more time, effort and money is spent on this process as they require a high quality workforce. Each selection techniques have their advantages and disadvantages but the technique that is most useful would have to be interviews as they are the most effective. Although along with the interview other methods such as application forms may be used for the first part of the process to help during elimination and testing may be used for a further part of the process to aid the decision making. ...read more.

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