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WOrking with leading people

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Table of Contexts Part 1: Leadership and Team building * Introduction * Theories of leadership * Autocratic, Democratic and Free reign style * Knowledge, skills and experience * Motivation * Empowerment and development * Organization and Monitor Part 2: Replacement * Job description * Responsibilities * Method of selection * Main point of the interview * Five example in interview questions * Effectiveness of recruitment * Selection Part 3: Reference Introduction In the assignment I would like to explain how to be a successful director and build up my team becomes a winning team, actually I am going to explain what I should need to do for the team and consider about how to be a good leader. Theories of leadership Source from http://www.nwlink.com/~donclark/leader/leadcon.html (Google 2006) * This diagram shows the situation is more important to community with follower and leader. It means that follower and Leader. Leadership is the head of a team that organises and delegates to the team; Leader also has power to control the staff and delegate of authority in the team. Leader sets the direction, makes the planning for subordinators, and uses the suitable method for solving out problems. Leader integrates all opinion from subordinators and find out the best way for achieving goals in the future. It is the responsibility for the leader in the company. It has three style of leadership: Autocratic, Democratic, and Free reign style Source from http://www.nwlink.com/~donclark/leader/leadstl.html (Leadership Style) Style Advantage Disadvantage * Autocratic Style the style of leader is fully focused on the subordinators, Leader gives his own idea and direction to subordinators, Leader has to be knowledgeable, sophisticated and skillful, ...read more.


* Punishment can be able to use if subordinators do not follow that, it can be effective to increase the motivation of teamwork. Empowerment and development Some examples can explain to empower and develop our work for setting the objective of the organisation, as it is our suggestion: * Reporting problems to leader and find out the answer what is wrong of it by the team, afterward, solve it out instantly. * Set the objective and making the planning each year or month. Communicate with employees what we want to be achieved in the future. I prefer collecting proposal monthly from employee; it can obviously know the processing in my team. * Provide staff training in our team, it can grow up their knowledge, skill, confident and experience in the future by improvement. It changes their job performance makes it as well as they can. * Accept all opinion from our staff, considering all opinions, which is suitable or worse for company, if suggestion is suitable, worker can get more benefits from company. * Communication is also important to increase the relationship between leader and subordinators. Sharing the opinion with each other is on the processing in the team by weekly. * Increasing their salary or changing their position, when they achieve the objective and get projects done. * Flexible working hour and labour holidays have to be prepared and be on time by the team leader. Organisation and Monitor I would like to use those points, which organizes and monitors my team's workload: * Fairing balanced workload for each worker in company. ...read more.


* Do not be late. Five examples, in interview question I would like to make five questions to applicants during the interview; those can test the ability of leading people, his aptitude and background of qualification: * Why are you interested in working in our company? * Can you tell me your background of your qualification? * How would you describe your ability of leading the team in our company? * How would you handle high pressure with your colleagues? * What do you expect to get in our company within two years? Effectiveness of recruitment * Newcomers can provide good idea and suggestion for the organisation or manager. * It can attract better applicants if the organisation looks for a person who can be a vacancy for a position in the company. * Newcomers bring up his skills and knowledge that helps the organisation increases the business. * It is possible to rely on newcomers.(not usually) * It can summarize the group of applicants who want to work in company. * It can be easily to contact with applicants want to apply for the job. * The organisation can increase reputation for posting recruitment in newspapers and advertisements. Selection * It can find the best employer who company is looking for. * Selection makes decision for company during interview, Selection integrates applicants behaviour, skills, qualification and education, which is easy to analysis applicant is good or not for company. Reference www.rsscanadaimmigration.com/.../rssnl.php?id=24 (Google 2006) www.geocities.com/.../3126/htmlselectn.html(Google 2006) Leadership style of testing: http://www.nwlink.com/~donclark/leader/survstyl.html (Leadership) Job description: http://www.businessbureauuk.co.uk/personnel/recruitment/job_description.htm (Job description) Concepts of Leadership, Leadership and motivation, Leadership style: http://www.nwlink.com/~donclark/leader/leader.html Job performance: http://www.accel-team.com/motivation/index.html (Job performance) Advanced Business: Page 353 to 387 HND Business: Page 85 to 114. ?? ?? ?? ?? Hin Chun Tang 1 ...read more.

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