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Wow Birthday Restaurant Marketing Plan

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´╗┐Content 1.EXCUSIVE SUMMARY 2.COMPANY DESCRIPTION 2.1 Restaurant Name 2.2 Location 2.3 Mission Statement 1.2.1 Services Mission 1.2.2 Business Mission 2.4 Critical Issue(Key to Success) 3.SITUATION ANALYSIS: 3.1Economy 3.2 Social 3.3 Demographic 3.3 Restaurant Industry Analysis: 3.3.1 Trend and Drive 3.3.2 Market Overview in Preston 3.4 SWOT Analysis 4. OBJECTIVE 5.MARKET POSITIONING TARGETING 5.1 Positioning 5.2 Market Segmentation 5.3 Target Market strategy 6. MARKETING PROGRAME 6.1 Product Strategy 6.2 Services Strategy 6.3 Promotion & price Strategy 6.4 Pricing Strategy 6.5 Place Strategy 7. IMPLEMENTATION 7. 1 Organization Management 8. EVALUATION AND CONTROL MECHANISMS 8.1 Cost and Revenue 8.1.1 Cost Forecast 8.1.2 Revenue Predict 8.2 Risks and Control. 8.2.1 Market : 8.2.2 Environment: 9. REFERENCE 1. EXCUSIVE SUMMARY In the modern world, the acceleration of life rhythm make people pay more attention to relaxion and self-fulfilment,Therefore, they focus on life quality, enjoyment and relationship among surroundings. When one's birthday comes, lots of people prefer to invite friends, colleges, partners and celebrate together. Young people will get together to eat in the small restaurant and then enjoy some entertainment, such as sing songs in the KTV hall ,dancing in a club or held a big party ; Company stuff prefer to celebrate the birthday in the office or bar; other person may be spend it with lover alone or wirh family members. Such examples prove that we have a lot of activities on birthday. However, the restaurant which is special for celebrating the birthday is few or none. Therefore, The idea of opening a birthday restaurant with special characters will be welcome. Therefore, This Marketing plan is a plan that focus on opening and running a birthday theme restaurant with special characters. 2.Company Description 2.1 Restaurant Name The name of this restaurant is "Wow Birthday",which reflect the outstanding feature that equip different kinds of entertainment rooms and its unique positioning that provide service for customer's birthday .Also reflect the restaurant mission,which make customer get inexpert surprise. ...read more.


5.MARKET POSITIONING AND TARGETING 5.1 Positioning Wow Birthday Restaurant will position itself as a reasonably priced, upscale, fashionable and entertainment restaurant. consumers who wish to own special and memorable birthday will recognize the value and unique offerings of Wow Birthday Restaurant. Wow Birthday restaurant will be all youth,students,colleges,partners,couples,elder, ages 18-80 Wow Birthday Restaurant positioning will leverage special and unique competitive edge and its clam and clean atmosphere will bring you a birthday celebrating feelings. 1. Dishes : The flavour,kinds of dishes will specially cooked according to any requirement of customers. Each dishes would given a special name which can show the birthday celebration features. 2. Environment and Equipment: Whole restaurant are meticulously decorate and full of celebrating atmosphere 3. Services: Customer service will be the priority. All employees will ensure that the customers are having the most pleasant memorable,special birthday experience and wonderful with most enthusiastic optimistic initiative. By offering a superior product, coupled with superior service, Wow Birthday will excel relative to the competition 5.2 Market Segmentation Market Segment is a subgroup of people or organizations sharing one or more characteristics that cause them to have similar product needs(MacDaniel ect,2006). When taking consider about the difference among general lifestyle, psychology needs, This plan segment all people into 4 groups 1. Segmentation by Lifestyle and Needs 5.3 Target Market strategy According to MacDaniel ect(2006) A Target Market is a group of people or organizations for which an organization designs,implements, and maintains a marketing mix intended to meet the need of that group,resulting in mutually satisfying exchange. This Target Marketing Strategies including: Undifferentiated targeting, Concentrated targeting and Multi-segment strategy. However, This plan recommend to choose concentrated targeting and prefer niche market.Reasons are following: 1. Concentrated Targeting strategy The mission of Birthday restaurant is to enable each customer who has been in URON Birthday to enjoy food and memorable birthday so as to create better catering value. ...read more.


2. Operating and management investment: Including advertising and general publicity expenses, Business operation expenditure(energy consumption fee),Office expenditure, employee wage,salary and warfare and other unexceptable fee. 3. Flow capital investment: Including all food,beverage purchasing ,such as raw materials procurement,accessory purchasing,drinks,alcohol purchasing and other Disposable Tableware cost 8.1.2 Revenue Predict According to MacDaniel(2006)The final goal of marketing is to Optimization operation index.From narrow senses, The value why one business is to create profit continually.However, The necessity for getting profit is business indicators combination. For example: Profit=Occupancy×Seating Capacity×Capital consumption(gross margin-expenses rate) Therefore, The revenue and benefit can be predict based on formula above and can be divided into 3 catalogues: 1. Profit Index:including practical Occupancy,seating capacity and capital consumption 2. Customer Satisfactory index: May have no direct relation to current profit, but will be influence future profit, which including consumption frequency and new customer generation. 3. Brand index: May have no direct relation to current profit,,but will have influence in brand reputation, brand awareness,competitive intensity and comprehensive impression 8.2 Risks and Control. 8.2.1 Market : Risk: 1. Although wow birthday restaurant have special feature,which can attract customers, but also exist those customer that can not adapt this culture so that lead single customer groups 2. Although the numbers of theme restaurant is less and the competition is relatively low in Preston,It does not mean that it won't appeal fierce competition Control: 1. Conduct Marketing Research and understanding customer's needs from more aspects 2. Based on original feature and restaurant culture, try best to narrow down culture difference 3. Set Planning department and Marketing department that regularly set Marketing research and make improvement plan. 8.2.2 Environment: Risk: 1. The change of Macro-environment or industry-environment such like the food safety policy,the economic recession will have influence to the business of restaurant Control: 1. Set Planning department and observe the change of environment change 1. REFERENCE 1. Lamb, Charles W., Jr., Joseph F. Hair, Jr. and Carl McDaniel, Marketing, 8th ed. Cincinnati: South-Western College Publishing, Thomson Learning,2006. 2. Preston Population and Ethnicity, 2001. Office for National Statistics,[Online] http://www.statistics.gov.uk/census2001/profiles/30uk.asp ...read more.

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