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AA100 - What does the Passage Tell Us about Plutarchs View of the Relationship between Antony and Cleopatra?Outline what you Think are the Main Differences between Czannes Jug and Fruit (1885 87) and Zurbarns Still

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What does the Passage Tell Us about Plutarch's View of the Relationship between Antony and Cleopatra? This part of the essay looks at the passage (lines 1 - 23) cited in The Open University 2011 and will analyse the text to see how Plutarch interprets the relationship between Cleopatra and Antony. When looking at the passage on Plutarch view of Cleopatra and her relationship with Antony, one could perceive that he is saying that Cleopatra is very obsessive and possessive over Antony. Plutarch says 'that she kept him in constant tutelage, and released him neither night nor day' (lines 2-3). According to Plutarch, she did absolutely everything with Antony, e.g. 'hunted with him, watched him as he exercised and played at dice with him. He also states that she dresses in the garb of a serving maiden' (lines 3 - 8). Plutarch's passage also gives the impression that Cleopatra uses Antony as a bit of a spectacle and makes fun of him and his abilities to fish. ...read more.


Outline what you Think are the Main Differences between C�zanne's Jug and Fruit (1885 - 87) and Zurbar�n's Still Life with Lemons, Oranges and a Rose (1633). This part of the essay aims to look at two different paintings of still life by two different artists and compare the main differences between them. When looking at C�zanne's painting of a jug and fruit (plate 1.3.24 cited in The Open University, 2008), it is possible to see the brush strokes. Although this gives the painting texture, it can appear to be quite messy and not very realistic. In contrast to this, Zurbar�n's still life painting with lemons, oranges and a rose (plate 1.3.30 cited in The Open University, 2008) the brush strokes are impossible to see. The painting looks more like a photograph as the work is done to a very high standard. Zurbar�n has really captured the realistic textures of the fruit and the other items in the painting. ...read more.


greens, blues and browns. Using these colours makes the picture feel warm and inviting. It also gives the impression that C�zanne's painting was done during the day in a well lit room, possibly with a window or light source to the right of the objects. However, Zurbar�n's picture uses dark colours, e.g. blacks and yellows. Although this painting uses really bold colours, it doesn't feel as warm or inviting as what C�zanne's picture does. The painting could easily have been painted in the latter part of the day, e.g. late evening, due to the colours Zurbar�n has chosen to use. The objects are being illuminated from the left hand side of the painting and this is visible through the light and dark areas on the collection of objects. In conclusion, both Zurbar�n and C�zanne have painted still life pictures, but both have done them differently. They have used different colour palettes, or one could perceive them being done at different times of the day, and another main different is the way they are painted. With C�zanne you can see the brush strokes and Zurbar�n paints very finely giving the objects a very realistic look. ...read more.

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