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Essay onmy experience ofmanaging a music event management

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´╗┐Student no: 22026970 Music Event Project Serhan Osman Evaluation of the planning, the production and my role in the process Within this essay I will endeavor to evaluate the effectiveness of the groups collaboration and its planning strategies analyzing the construction of our music event project. I will identify a number of experiences with reference to the project support my evaluation. Despite the objective of this module being the collaboration of organizing a musical event, it was also a project management assignment with the responsibility of delivering a specified product within a set agreed time scale and financial budget. This is part and parcel of any event project scheme. Author ?Badiru? confirms the definition of project management in his book on Quantitative Models for Project Planning, Scheduling and Control, ?the process of managing, allocating, and timing resources to achieve a given goal in an efficient and expedient manner?. A, B. Badiru. (1993) P.1 The three hour weekly based meetings played a vital element within the success of this project assignment. There were many indirect social conflicts that occurred throughout the group during these sessions. After a few weeks from its commencement date, I noticed some members began loosing enthusiasm and certain individuals including myself did not consistently attend these meetings. The collaboration aspect began to suffer to some extent and we were at risk of loosing our virtuous circle that is so imperative in the smooth operation of the success plan. ...read more.


Looking back on the event, I strongly feel we should have had a more personal impact as a unit i.e. performing a live music set collaboratively. This would have saved college funds, as we would have used a significant part of the night, thus not leaving enough time for the both acts to perform at the end of the night. This could have been a potentially and significant part of the event and due to my lack of experience within event management I was submissive in my request and did not push it further. What more, we had a deadline to work towards and perhaps this seemed unachievable in such a short period of time. We had introduced new angles and opinions into the project i.e. performing ourselves on the night, however, this was completely overlooked and therefore the project were lacking a different perspective of ideas in re-capturing the interest of the group. I took time to research personalities within social groups as I felt that this played a huge influence on the groups dynamics. In any group collaboration there is a tendency for one or two individuals to take control of the matter independently shutting any contrast of opinions. ?..Inevitably there are subtle bids for leadership, and the ideas of certain members are likely to prevail over others?. ...read more.


I discovered that it is in fact the meetings, preparations and the recording of the minutes which form a solid foundation to a robust project and the. When working with several people with different personalities on a project, it is inevitable, that, at least one time, you will be faced with a group of different views, and at the same time, under extreme pressure to reach a quick solution. Overall I have enjoyed working on this project with my fellow members, and relished the challenges that it sprung upon us. We all must look at this as managing a project collaboratively because that is what we had done throughout this development. I will observe this project as a significant experience and a lesson learned. This is about identifying the good practice and learning not to repeat any bad decisions made, until that happens, any return on an investment will be slim. ?If you want your project to be productive and creative it?s inevitable that mistakes will be made. Once you accept this, you?ll see that managing a project is not about avoiding mistakes at all costs, it?s about learning from them and not repeating them?. Barker and Cole. (2007) Brilliant Project Management: What the Best Project Manager Know, Say and Do. Pearson Education. ...read more.

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