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University Degree: Fine Art, Design Studies, Art History, Crafts

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  1. Discuss the use of the Uncanny by artists or designers in their work.

    In conclusion to this theory it would mean that the more you know and understand then there will be proportionately less uncertainty. As this is not the case, Freud develops his analysis further from what Jentsch states as "...the difficulties attendant upon the study of the uncanny, the fact that people differ greatly in their sensitivity to this kind of feeling." (Freud, 124). Freud in his essay is aiming to disregard Jentsch's original work on the uncanny as important. He does this by removing the significance of the automaton that Jentsch attributes the uncanny feeling to and in doing so he renders the female as immaterial.

    • Word count: 3227
  2. Daguerreotype. The most popular type of daguerreotype in America became the portrait, which was represented strongly through the works of Southworth and Hawes. With every photograph made, these men tried to express the inner life or soul of their characte

    "Young America" written by Trachtenberg and Stauffer, talked about the rise of daguerreotypes in Antebellum America. During the Antebellum period, the daguerreotype became the preferred way to represent a person or nature in photography. The most popular type of daguerreotype in America became the portrait, which was represented strongly through the works of Southworth and Hawes. With every photograph made, these men tried to express the inner life or soul of their characters through different effects and expressions of emotion. Through their portraits, Southworth and Hawes were also able to express the differences in gender roles within society.

    • Word count: 764
  3. Machine Imagery in Twentieth Century Art

    Artists during this time were significantly influenced by the new age of machinery, and mechanization (the idea that machines will replace human labor.) The use of machine imagery to depict the human figure is found in many styles such as Cubism, Futurism, and Suprematism . Cubism's use of fragmentation and grid like patterns paved the way for other styles and introduced ways to form the human body into mechanical parts. The French artist, Fernand Leger, channeled Picasso and Braque's style of cubism in his painting, Nude Figures in a Wood.

    • Word count: 739
  4. Consider the current unequal distribution of food between developed and undeveloped countries

    The way in which trade exists between the west and developing countries is that the west decides the price and quality of the produce required, this results in the farmers in developing countries earning very little to survive on and in the majority of cases no money at all. The supermarket trend that exists in this country also contributed to the food inequality dilemma as the produce supplied to the population in the United Kingdom has to meet specific guidelines in how it looks so that it sells to the consumers, this simply creates a lot of waste where mountains

    • Word count: 1637
  5. How does the newspaper review help us to understand Callas reputation as a diva ?

    By reading the article of the newspaper, in this section in order to address how we research question of, 'what are the implication for Calla's in business. Identity is in tune with the socially constructed with the femininity that allows miss Calla's as the diva and the first to be the foremost of herself and to express this via face, voice and artefacts such as clothing and jewellery to be herself with all the entails. The key results from this study illustrate the socially constructed nature of entrepreneurial narrative and the diva storyline.

    • Word count: 1356
  6. Educational policy lecture

    in the curriculum of vocational and technical education. Lack of Comprehensive National Policy The delivery of vocational and technical education must be guided by a policy framework that would enable the training institutions turn out quality graduates who can contribute meaningfully towards wealth creation. Presently, there is no comprehensive policy on vocational and technical education to address such issues as orientation to economic demands, guiding principles, environmental protection, sustainable development, funding, equity, access, articulation, certification, equivalencies of qualifications, placement of graduates, teacher preparation and recruitment, etc.

    • Word count: 2475
  7. Apply an Iconographical Approach to one or more Artwork of your choice

    Panofsky found there to be three different ways to do this. The first level, is taking the image at its most basic form, for instance if you look at Masaccio's 'The Trinity' (1425) in this way it's a man on a cross with five other figures. The secondary level is understanding that the man on the cross is Jesus being crucified and the Trinity is all about the three aspects of God, the Father, Son and Holy Ghost. The third level is the intrinsic meaning where the understanding of environment, culture, style of the artist is being applied to the image for further comprehension.

    • Word count: 1852
  8. Dissertation Proposal

    His painting of religious scenes brings in Humanist thinking by making the figures themselves all the same size and importance as each other. Gothic paintings of this era tended to have the most important figure larger than the rest and getting smaller by order of hierarchy. The figures become more flesh like with the rules of aesthetics from the Greeks classicism. All these qualities are an important factor to the Quattrocento and through applying an iconographical theory I want to see how paintings reflect the culture of this period.

    • Word count: 937
  9. Discuss how the idea of the Apocalypse has impacted upon the work of artists of your choice

    What's more John names himself in Revelation which he had not done so before. This book is believed to have been written whilst he was in exile, possibly due to his faith, on the island of Patmos. What is being written about are from visions which is not like a chronological story so there must be some room of error for it being less formal than his other work. If Revelation was written in 65 AD, his previous works were done 85-90 AD and so he would not have established a more formal method of writing being as this would have been his first book.

    • Word count: 3365
  10. Modernism. The breadth of Modernist theory resulted in an immensely diverse and somewhat confusing period. Whilst committed to progress and the emancipation of the bourgeois through knowledge, Modernists were often highly elitist artists. Their frustrate

    It represents objects in basic detail, concentrating more on how the houses, sky and yachts reflect upon the water. Certainly, Impressionism is not isolated in this regard. Nearly every Modernist movement employed abstraction; it is more a question of style and degree. The Surrealists, for example, painted in a highly realistic style, yet of imaginary objects. Alternatively, Action Painters such as Jackson Pollock entered pure abstraction, that is, beginning with no object, such as seen in his extravagant 1952 drip painting, "Blue Poles" (See Figure Two). This attitude can also be expressed as a desire to start again, that is, to evaluate accepted art practice and invent radically new styles.

    • Word count: 2025
  11. Design Has to work

    does not need to have been educated with the laws of physics or chemistry to know that a bucket serves as an effective way to carry water). If, for instance, the bucket has no base, the bucket will not retain fluid; the solution does not solve the initial problem and therefore is not a successful piece of design. This idea that an object should be created to fulfil a particular function sure seems like an obvious one, especially in regard to industrial design, but it is one that has continuously been overlooked, particularly in relation to art.

    • Word count: 1608
  12. Narrative: A History of Southern Miss

    With a history of over one hundred years of excellence, Southern Miss has come quite a way from its beginning in 1910. Originally named "Mississippi Normal College", the university began as the first state supported teacher's training school. Starting out with just five original buildings, 120 acres to work with, and a class of just 227 students overseen by 17 faculty members, Southern Miss began its journey. When looking upon campus during this time, one would see the classic architecture of College Hall, which continues to serve as a main academic instruction building.

    • Word count: 955
  13. The Notion of moving image

    By this time lanterns used a series of images shown in rapid succession to give a feel of movement. Technical and commercial success then came with the invention of Edison's kinetoscope later launched in 1894 which was a simple machine comprising a cabinet and a length of film on a spool. The light shone and the film was projected on to the back of the cabinet. The relationships audiences have shared from the theatre days have always been notable as it was their only source of entertainment.

    • Word count: 1644
  14. The Globe Theatre

    The atmosphere of the Globe Theatre helped take the audience through a different range of emotions; such as making the audience laugh, cry, be scared or angry. This gave people of that time to explore a different range of emotions in a new way. Many people today question what the value of the Globe Theatre is to the United Kingdom; this can be answered in many different ways. When tourists come to the United Kingdom and they visit such attractions such as the London Eye, they go there for entertainment values, when tourist visit the Tower of London they do so for its historical value.

    • Word count: 1211
  15. Sustainable design

    Att f�renkla och sammanfatta den relativitet som st�ndigt dyker upp f�r att kunna identifiera de b�sta metoderna f�r varje enskilt projekt jag kommer att p�b�rja i min karri�r. Fr�gest�llningar "H�llbar design", vad �r det egentligen? Vilka grundproblem har uppst�tt i v�rt oh�llbara samh�lle? Vilka metoder finns det f�r att till�mpa h�llbar design? Hur t�nker jag om h�llbarhet och min roll som designer? F�r att svara p� dessa fr�gor har jag gjort en �vergripande unders�kning kring de stora k�llor och tankar jag har hittat om h�llbar design, genom b�cker, organisationer, webbsidor och artiklar.

    • Word count: 3392
  16. What was the Enlightenment and what impact did it have upon the arts?

    Theses Academies were highly exclusive and controlled every aspect of the way visual art was taught. Before being allowed to advance to the next level, the pupil would have to have drawn many of the sculptures to a very high standard of realism. After learning how to produce near perfect images of the human body, the artist would then move on to painting. Further progression would mean learning about Anatomy, Classical aesthetics and Mathematics. The effect of such a method of teaching meant that artists were conditioned to restrain emotion and expression.

    • Word count: 1348
  17. Identify and explore any three ways in which the Church affected the development of the arts during 12-17th centuries.

    As a result, the symbols, which express such ideals, became an ingenious way of passing on the notions of the Bible to a largely illiterate Christian laity. A good example of the church branding visual art with its own ideals is Duccio's "The Annuncciation" (1308-1311). It portrays the Immaculate Conception - one of the key beliefs of Christianity - the moment the Virgin Mary is told by the Arch-Angel Gabriel of her fate, to give birth to the Son of God.

    • Word count: 2078
  18. Charlie Chaplin

    Chaplin wanted depict the world of the Jews in Jewish ghettos and do it in an amusing manner. He did this by depicting himself as a Jewish barber in the ghetto who is mistaken for Adenoid Hynkel whose is the dictator of the country of Tomania (Germany). My favorite scene in The Great Dictator was when he was Hynkel in his main office and held up a balloon of a globe.

    • Word count: 418
  19. Can art improve our lives?

    The title 'Test Site' has various connotations. At first, my limited knowledge of the artist and piece led me to believe that the name connotes that the slides are there as an experiment to look into the idea of slides as a form of transportation that could be incorporated into future architectural establishments. However after reading a press release1 from the Tate published on the 9th October 2006 I came to realise what the title initially relates to: "The title of the installation, Test Site, relates to both H�ller's wider interest in the application of slides as a means of

    • Word count: 2430
  20. Free essay

    How successful were two websites in two different countries in the promotion of the imode system

    It was inspired by the drawbacks of WAP being discussed at the time. A rough concept aimed for businessmen introduced to DoCoMo by McKinsey in 1997. After a 2-year period of developments at NTT DoCoMo, imode was launched as a mass-market product in Japan in February 22, 1999"2. Imode also cuts marketing costs, offers fast access to data services, and more security. Imode gives content providers a direct relationship with customers as every user has an email account associated with their handset.

    • Word count: 2470
  21. Martin Pawley introduces Flussers essay to discuss nowadays, which are the good methods into becoming a good designer and the requisite skills of the designer

    Instead, it began with the meaning of the words and the ensuing discovery of identity..."1 In this essay I will discuss Flusser's opinion, which was not a hundred percent correct in becoming a good designer, and I will find out the necessary skills of one good designer as well. This is not only based on the digital media design, but can also relate to any kind of design. I will also talk about my self-directed design project, which is following the process of what I will mention in this essay.

    • Word count: 2478
  22. How we consume signs, compare the Coca-Colas advertisements and graphic design of two countries; one is UK, the other is Taiwan

    important idea in that strongly attractive advertisements or signs may make customers interested in looking at products even if they are from a different culture. This idea makes me feel interested about the beverage company like "Coca-Cola" could make their products so popular in the different countries. Firstly, "Dr John S Pemberton in Atlanta, Georgia invented 'Coca-Cola' on 8th May 1886. The name 'Coca-Cola' was suggested by Dr Pemberton's bookkeeper, Frank Robinson."2 This was the beginning of this popular soft drink.

    • Word count: 1458
  23. Topdog Underdog

    The "rest" itself becomes very Brechtian as actors must take musical pauses in which the audience can process the action that is occurring on stage. These unnatural pauses are not only alienating in their use but also mimic the operatic style used by Brecht to classify his work as blatant fiction. Theatrical "rests" set up images for the audiences in which to analyze Parks' portrayal of African American life much as Brecht's gestures allowed audiences to analyze his portrayal of the lower classes.

    • Word count: 527
  24. Angels in America

    Joe slowly comes to the realization that he is homosexual, and his wife's mental health is poorer every day. As Prior's disease takes over, Louis finds he cannot deal with watching his lover die and leaves him. Prior and Harper link to each other because they are both very ill, mentally and/or physically and are deeply in love with their partners. Joe and Louis link together because they both struggled with their partner's illness but eventually left them in the end. 2. How do the kinds of scenes we see reflect the changing relationship of the plots? How do the scene types reflect ideas explored by the play?

    • Word count: 1120
  25. The Artistic response to Exile

    The paintings of exiled artists are concerned with the belief in that Tibetan Buddhist cultures as the most valuable factor in Tibetan tradition. There are many artists ,who are fascinated by painting the image of Dalai Lama: The Characteristics of the painting of the Tibetan exile and The schools of Art In my opinion, finding the identity of ' New' Tibet in exile is challenging. It is, perhaps, difficult to form a new image of Tibetan exile, whilst their nationality remains Tibetan.

    • Word count: 1493

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