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Live Music and Festivals

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Live Music and Music Festivals The Events Industry MK1001N 5/14/2010 08020220 Table of Contents 1.0 History and Development 3 1.1 Key Moments and Shift over the Last 50 years 3 1.2 Timeline of Events 3 1.3 Last 5 main events and their historical significance 5 2.0 Analysis of the Live Music and Festivals Sector 6 2.1 C-PEST/PESTLE Analysis of Live Music and Festivals 6 2.2 Political Analysis 6 2.3 Environmental Analysis 6 2.4 Sociocultural Analysis 7 2.5 Technological Analysis 7 2.6 Economic Analysis 7 2.7 Competitive Analysis 7 2.8 Entertainment Analysis 7 3.0 Key Impacts and Ethical Concern 8 4.0 Careers 10 5.0 Future Trends and Challenges 12 1.0 History and Development Live Music Events are commonly known as concerts. Concerts come in a range of forms, from Orchestral to Artistic performances. Concerts are becoming more and more popular within social groups and wider audiences, as these offer people days and nights less ordinary, and can also become part of key milestones in peoples' lives. Festivals as well as live music events "have an increasingly vital role in our leisure lifestyles...events and festivals play a very significant part in their whole life." ...read more.


The event website will also offer consumers the option to buy their tickets online which also makes it easier for a lot of consumers as they can also pick which area they would like to be viewing the event from. "Direct marketing from 2.6 Economic Analysis Economic analysis etc. 2.7 Competitive Analysis Within the competitor analysis, Porter's (1990) seminal work identified four elements that affect competition within an industry; these are known as the four competitive forces. This analytical tool is used to understand industry-level competition, and it is also a guide for festival and event managers in marketing their decision making. 2.8 Entertainment Analysis The entertainment analysis is something something 3.0 Key Impacts and Ethical Concern Like most events, Live Music and Festivals have a number of impacts that can affect them whether they are either positive or negative. Below is a table showing the impact of events within each section previously mentioned in the PESTLE analysis. Impact Of Events Positive Impacts Negative Impacts Social and Cultural > Shared Experiences > Revitalisation of traditions > Building of community pride > Validation of community groups > Increased Community participation > Introduction of new and challenging ideas > Expansion of cultural perspectives ...read more.


Within these industries there are a variety of roles to suit all interests and backgrounds to mention a few: * Project managers * Stage managers * Technicians * Set Designers * Make-up artists * Photographers and * Caterers In the nature of the industry, most of the work is freelance with many of the staff on a short-term contract basis for a series of employers and events. To have a successful career in the events industry, that all depends on the applicants being able to identify their own skills and interests and matching them carefully with the needs of the employer. Employers often look for a mix of qualifications and experience, so intending job seekers may be advised to consider volunteering and/or taking entry-level positions in order to build their resumes and to gain a foothold in the industry. Websites such as www.event-jobs.net 5.0 Future Trends and Challenges Co-creation may be more common in the future regarding the technological environment within the PEST analysis. Not sure if this is a future trend - area of expanding activity, corporate events, conferences, local government ands tourism -, ...read more.

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