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University Degree: Music

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  1. Write an analysis of the soundtrack and its interaction with image in a film of your choice.

    Claudia Gorbman supplements this by suggesting there is 'subordination' to a story. Subordination means 'classic narrative sound' films are constructed in such a way that the spectator often does not consciously hear the film score. This is based on the idea that the spectators' attention is focused on the narrative events in the film. (1997, p.31) However there is still a reason why composed scores are used. In this case they create an atmosphere which makes it easy for the audience to relax, it also guides them on what direction the mood of the film is going and also how they should be feeling.

    • Word count: 2577
  2. Free essay

    Effects of the Reformation on Music

    church music of England remained highly complex and elaborate, however, as a result of the reformation in Germany the attitude towards music in the reformed church changed from one which valued music primarily, if not solely, for its artistic merits, to one that considered music to be an effective medium for carrying text and powerful means by which one could tell a story and convey meaning. Luther was a great lover of music and highly esteemed it for its beauty saying: "I truly desire that all Christians would love and regard as worthy the lovely gift of music, which is a precious, worthy, and costly treasure given to mankind by God....

    • Word count: 1458
  3. What does it mean to understand music?

    It is easy enough for someone to say that they can understand music in terms of being able to make sense of the notes on the page well enough to offer some interpretation of them, being capable of 'translating' the notation to sound, but I would be reluctant to describe this type of understanding of music as any more than an understanding of a transcription of the music, not necessarily an understanding of the music itself. If someone can analyse a piece of music, describe the harmonic structure, the form, development etc.

    • Word count: 2030
  4. Historical Methods and the Issues relating to Popular Music

    (Kivy, Peter. 2002. p 11) 'Histography' is the study of the practice of history which explores the examination and problems of historical writing. There are many processes towards the writing of history such as who writes it and for what reasons, which will affect the way history is understood to take place. Is it the media with the music press who writes these histories? Although the media are very powerful the public still have to agree with the media for it to become popular as popular music means so much more, in terms of cultural significance.

    • Word count: 2936
  5. Dance history

    Yosef Garfinkel of Hebrew University in Jerusalem has established what he says is an illustrated record of dancing from 9,000 to 5,000 years ago. This record, apparently the earliest of its kind, coincides with the place and time hunters of wild game and gatherers of wild plant food first settled into villages and became pastoralists and farmers. It may take imagination to see in these depictions the choreographic ancestry of Astaire and Rogers or the Bolshoi. Some show only stick figures with triangular heads, and some headless, in highly schematic scenes that appear to be dances.

    • Word count: 1230
  6. Old man

    One element of the play is the gender roles. Nora, according to Emma Goldman, is to be happy for Torvald's and the children's sake. She is to sing, dance, and play with the children. Goldman, Emma. (Goldman, Emma. "The Emma Goldman Papers.") Nora didn't marry for love she married for money. There is no love between the two. This is shown in the beginning of the play when Torvald asks Nora what she wants for Christmas and she say she wants money. Nora is like a child, a doll if you will.

    • Word count: 1474
  7. Free essay

    Sgt Peppers Lonely hearts Club band and 1960's

    It was a completely different album to what had been seen in Britain before. It 'caught rainbow confidence and colour of the 1960's' 1 (pg.113). Its new approach to music, design, and burst of psychedelic rock music even produced a cult in the USA 1 (pg.113-114) giving evidence that The Beatles were becoming a cultural phenomenon. 'In an unsystematic fashion it represented the life and times it was created in' 1 (pg.3). The Beatles were four men from Liverpool who wrote music from the influence of their surroundings and nostalgia; during playing Hamburg were they began all night gigs, they

    • Word count: 2056
  8. Ontology of Music

    Although it may have many copies, or different types, the works of music themselves are cannot be bought or sold as literally as diamonds, pearls, and works of painting and sculpture; instead, performance rights, reproduction rights, or copyrights of the works of music may be sold. Similarly, they also cannot be destroyed2. The only things which can be destructed are their copies or any other substantial things unless it can be clear out from memories. It is an obvious view that the works of music are physical objects.

    • Word count: 3092
  9. description essay

    Leaving the middle of the park open with a patch of dead and bumpy grass. The park was very enclosed, bare, and blurred. It gave me the hazy feeling that I was the only person in the world to have ever found it. At the opening of the park right in front of my feet was a stream of water that I had been following for quite some time it was about a foot and a half wide. The eerie thing is that the water became as still and black as the devil's heart once it reached the park.

    • Word count: 864
  10. Advanced Composition Evaluation

    [know] what you want to say dramatically, emotionally, and psychologically; and [to know] your own strengths, weaknesses and capacity to produce" (P.131, Davis, R. (1999) Complete Guide to Film Scoring, Berklee Press). In film music has many aspects. It can be used physically to set the location and time period by using appropriate instruments and styles, and to intensify the on screen action. It can be used psychologically to create a mood; or reveal some unspoken thoughts or feelings, or unseen implications.

    • Word count: 2473
  11. Kant Essay

    Before the argument is developed it is crucial to define Kant's notion of 'beautiful', this instructs that a beautiful object causes harmony in our Imagination and Understanding, once this reaches a pleasurable level, then beauty is felt. This basic premise can't be rejected, as it is the basic principle of beauty, accepted by almost all writers save Clive Bell. Bell rejects that beauty provokes emotions,1 but this is highly implausible in light of the overwhelmingly support given to Kant. We have concluded a basic understanding of how we judge beautiful objects, but it doesn't help us with a definitive concept of beauty.

    • Word count: 2118
  12. How does the music capture the majesty of the Titanic? The aim of this piece of music is to capture the confidence and magnificence of the greatest liner in the world's maiden voyage.

    It is at this point the listener is able to picture the liner outside with a great view of the full ocean and sunlit calm. The heroic choral theme occurs again in B51 within the soprano and alto choral lines and at B57 the first violins play a variation on it. At B86 the theme triumphantly returns again in the violin and viola parts in the key of B major. In B108 the flutes and clarinets play a variation on the heroic choral theme again.

    • Word count: 972
  13. Signal flow & the console

    This is where the input sound can be altered through the desk by increasing/ decreasing the amount of bass/ mid /treble boost that are altered through the desk. P (4) &P (5) are the higher end of the sounds and so moving one of these dials to the right would boost the hi end of the output sound and so would increase the hi-hats etc and generally make the sound more tinny. P(5) & P(6) & P(7) & P(8) are the available dials to alter the mid range although this is a very wide mid range and so the P(5)

    • Word count: 2085
  14. Private Net Bars Problem

    Closing private net bars would be the most efficient way to keep the young away from bad influences caused by indulging in computer games. For example, many teenagers skip class to have enough time to play computer games in the private net bars. Only in those net bars, they can play computers no matter how long it is and nobody will restrain them. As a result, these young people waste their precious time and learn nothing useful. Moreover, staying in such a dark, crowed, noisy room does harm to young people's health.

    • Word count: 638
  15. Describe 3 passages which you feel display Prokofiev's mastery of orchestral effects, giving one example from each section

    Therefore, in bar 4, not only is Prokofiev using a large majority of the instruments in the orchestra, but he is having them split into two section playing two different chords and he still manages to make it sound magnificent, even though it should, in theory, sound awful! Between bars 4-8 Prokofiev then has a very melodic and lyrical progression of straight chords, completely contradicting what has just been played, again adding to the passages overall beauty. In bar 9, Prokofiev then begins the cycle again, and has another progression of cluster chords, building up to another great chord created this time out of 11 out of 12 of the degrees of the scale.

    • Word count: 1330
  16. Integrated Assignment

    So when I sang the second verse of the song and then sang the chorus I felt more determined to get the key change right. I also performed two other song pieces, which were also themed on love. They were 'How do I live' written by Diane Warren and ' Hero' by Mariah Carey and Walter Afanasieff. I felt that I sang 'How do I live' well on the whole however, I could have done better. As I could have practised the higher note in the chorus of this song a little more.

    • Word count: 870
  17. "Enjoyable, but ultimately of little practical use." Consider the value of music or art or literature in the light of this comment.

    We can no longer think of music and link it with worthless value. I'm not saying that there aren't types of music that have negative influences but in this essay, I'll be writing about the positive outcomes and how music has influenced our society. In one's life, there is bound to be ups and downs. There are so many occasions of happiness and celebrations as well as sadness, anger and turmoil. In my opinion, music reflects all kinds of feelings and emotions that people on this earth have. It speaks out to us and is there when we need comfort and assurance.

    • Word count: 848
  18. "Mama -Just killed a Man" - Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody.

    Together the term Bohemian Rhapsody expresses the backbone of what Freddie Mercury was showing when he composed this song. Freddie expresses a freethinking nature through his lyrics and irregular character through his musical form. Although one may think of Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody as a song "random, rhyming nonsense" stated by Freddie's long-term friend Kenny Everett it is actually random rhyming that makes a lot of sense. Portrayed in three separate sections of disconnected structure, the song displays numerous innuendos of Freddie's sexual orientation in addition to his religious beliefs. In Joan Didion's essay White Album she tells a story without a particular narrative structure about different elements and experiences of her life.

    • Word count: 1660
  19. What Influence did Black American Music have on the British Working Class Youth in the Sixties?

    The Sixties saw a time when the first people born after the Second World War would become teenagers. Also the fifties was said to be a time of gloom still in the aftermath of the war, rationing on certain goods and constraints on imports of such items like cloths. In the sixties things were changing the economy was picking up, rationing was over and tariffs on exports were being relaxed meaning a lot of fashion items from abroad were becoming available. It was the teenagers of the time that took advantage of this. The teenagers were well equipped to do so because of the "comprehensive welfare state" (Marwick)

    • Word count: 1426
  20. The life of Mozart in summary.

    The couple made their home in Vienna where Mozart supported his family by writing music for the public. The final ten years of the composer's life were difficult. He received little or no commission for his works, and the genius of his talent and compositions remained unrealized. Mozart died at the young age of thirty-six on December 5, 1791 probably due to health problems. On the night of his death, people gathered below Mozart's window in the Rauhensteingasse to sing his music in his honor.

    • Word count: 998
  21. The Beatles Influence

    As an outlet form him rebellious acts, Lennon formed musical groups (Magill 226). In 1958, John met Paul McCartney, who as a team helped each other to master the guitar (Moritz Yearbook 1965 255). The second person to join Lennon and the Beatles was Paul McCartney. James Paul McCartney was born to Jim and Mary McCartney on June 8, 1942 in Allerton, England (Mortiz Yearbook 1965 251). Mary suddenly fell ill and died of breast cancer when Paul was at the age of fourteen. McCartney was a considerate son who was worthy of trust and an excellent student (White 123). He received a secondary education at the Liverpool Institute and achieved top-level grades.

    • Word count: 2028
  22. Eminem - good or bad music?

    The lyrics definitely don't send the right message, telling stories of drugs and being addicted to them. I sort of tune out the lyrics and focus on the music." (P.Williams, p.2). I had heard the song "Drug Ballad" only once before I heard it in class. I liked the beat very much and understood what the song was about; however, I had never stopped and listened carefully to see if there were more than just lyrics, a message, behind his words. I think this song is very interesting. More than just cursing and humor, it also has a message.

    • Word count: 919
  23. A Critical Review of "The Composition of "Und spur' ich" in Beethoven's Fidelio.

    Overall, the article is exquisitely organized, and presents each individual point well. The first portion of the article explains Georg Treitscke's account of the events which took place preceding and after Beethoven's writing of "Und spur' ich." Georg states in "Thayer's life of Beethoven," Beethoven came to me about seven o'clock in the evening. After we had discussed other things, he asked me how matters stood with the aria. It was just finished; I handed it to him. He read, ran up and down the room, muttered, growled, as was his habit instead of singing-and tore open the piano...The hours passed, but Beethoven improvised on.

    • Word count: 928
  24. Rage Against The Machine self-titled track Rage Against The Machine was released June sixth of nineteen ninety-two by Epic Records.

    After the drums are introduced the load explosive lyrics start. This fades in the middle of the song to a lighter sound for a brief break in till building back up for a bit and fading back once more. Finally it builds back up in till end of the song. Song two Killing In The Name gives me the impression that every thing is not as it seems to be. You should look further into things that don't seem to add up. This song also makes me feel motivated to work out and release aggression build up from within.

    • Word count: 1035
  25. Miles Davis So What transcription and analysis

    In measure 23, he sets up an anticipation of the return to E dorian with the chromatic interplay of Eb and E. However, in this last A section of chorus one, beginning in measure 25, he places less emphasis on tonic E than before and uses, instead, a B on the phrase endings, serving as a smoother transition to the new polytonal sound (D major over E minor) of chorus two. Chorus two is also distinguished by a rhythmic change from the moving eighth note line of chorus one B section to a triadic line marked by half and whole notes.

    • Word count: 1563

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