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7LLS504 " Managing the learning environment " Learning outcome 1

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7LLS504 - Managing the learning environment - Learning outcome 1 Managing the learning environment for both small and large groups. The learning environment facilitates learning so is of vital importance to be able to accommodate large and small groups. Clearly this can depend on the size of the classroom, as to the physical space there is as a students comfort is one of their basic needs, so making the best of the space provided is a good place to start - room arrangement. Ensuring that there is enough room for a large group to be able to move about when group activities are taking place so that the student feels they can express themselves freely. Good lesson planning can also assist in managing the environment for both small and large groups as this will ensure there is a range of activities to make certain that the students differing rates of learning are met - differentiation. A large group of learners I have found will require more activities and opportunities to work in smaller groups and also it is important to mix the groups up using a variety of methods such as which month they were born this can be used initially but dividing them by experience and ability can have a better outcome in facilitating learning. ...read more.


As with the larger group there was a variety of learning styles so again the activities and teaching methods I used were varied. The dynamics of the smaller group meant that they got very close to each other on a personal level as well and still meet up. They supported each other more that the larger group, they were also more vocal as they felt more comfortable with the smaller numbers. This could just have easily worked the other way and they could have felt more self conscious. The end assessment is the same a multiple choice test of which they all passed so the teaching can be just as effective whatever the size of the group as long as the tutor is aware and adapts the teaching methods accordingly ensuring that all the learners' abilities within the group are taken into account with differentiation of activities. 7LLS504 - Managing the learning environment - Learning outcome - 2 Give reasons for and develop strategies to deal with challenging behaviour. Challenging behaviour within the classroom environment can be defined as any behaviour that affects the learning of all learners not just those displaying the behaviour. ...read more.


recognised behavioural problem that has remained undiagnosed that is why it is important to have strategies in place to help combat disruptive, challenging behaviour. On enrolment the student has the opportunity to declare a reason for them requiring additional learning support, but this will only help if the student knows they have the problem and they are willing to declare it. This would enable me to apply to the college for additional help. It is important to remember that all students have the right to feel that they are in a inclusive environment. I have some strategies that I use to try and combat the challenging behaviour that I encounter such as when a student continues to chat when the activity is clearly over and I am trying to move the group to the next step I remain silent but focus on the student until all the other students are doing the same, they generally realise, apologise and come back to the group. If a student's phone goes off we state in the introduction that they should take the call outside if it is important. With reference to: http://www.wilderdom.com/group/StagesGroupDevelopment.html - accessed on 25th November 2007 ?? ?? ?? ?? Teresa Wildash - Certificate in Education (Diploma in Teaching in the Lifelong Learning Sector) 07/08 ...read more.

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