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A SHORT TERM-PAPER "Issues in Education" The Concept of DEVELOPMENTALLY APPROPRIATE PRACTICES (D A P) Submitted by : GRACE LINDA C. TONELETE BEEd 1 - Earning Unit March 01, 1999 Submitted to : MISS ROSE ANGELI DEDUYO Education Instructress 2:15 - 3:15 p.m., MWF Introduction In my zest to find some "issues in Education" to make a short term-paper as one of the requirements for the semi-finals, I came across the concept of DAP. I was curious what this was all about & I was encouraged by its heading which says, "Myths About DAP". After some research, it seemed to me there was something familiar. I knew then that in my two-year stint as a toddler care giver I had somehow practiced this concept. But exposure of teaching strategies may be present but the applicability was limited to some degree. Teaching the traditional in some ways was still practiced. Problems The following questions were raised in my mind: 1) Is DAP an ideal concept or method of teaching? 2) Is it familiar to pre-school teachers? 3) and, is it being applied by the agencies of learning or are they really implementing it faithfully since some, if not all of the early childhood newly-opened schools are claiming that they're practicing personalized approach. Definition DAP is an acronym for Developmentally Appropriate Practice. For some reason several misconceptions about DAP have been generated as the trend toward using it has increased. ...read more.


Guidelines for DAP I. Curriculum A developmentally appropriate curriculum for young children is planned to be appropriate for the age span of the children within the group and is implemented with attention to the different needs, interests, and developmental levels of those individual children. II. Adult-Child Interaction The developmental appropriateness of an early childhood program is most apparent in the interactions between adults and children. Developmentally appropriate interactions are based on adults' knowledge and expectations of age-appropriate behavior in children balanced by adults' awareness of individual differences among children. III. Relations Between the Home and Program To achieve individually appropriate programs for young children, early childhood teachers must work in partnership with families and communicate regularly with children's parents. IV. Developmental Evaluation of Children Assessment of individual children's development and learning is essential for planning and implementing developmentally appropriate programs, but should be used with caution to prevent discrimination against individuals and to ensure accuracy. Accurate testing can only be achieved with reliable, valid instruments and such instruments developed for use with young children are extremely rare. In the absence of valid instruments, testing is not valuable. Therefore, assessment of young children should rely heavily on the results of observations of their development and descriptive data.(Spodek.Saracho) Misconceptions One unfortunate misconception about DAP is that those teachers who adopt it do not really teach, and therefore, DAP is for lazy practitioners. Not true. Teachers in developmentally appropriate classrooms are teaching constantly, in a more appropriate way for the ages of their students. ...read more.


Why do we need to change how we teach children?"; "Students today just want to be entertained. We have to get children ready to be students, to sit still and pay attention. Isn't it our responsibility to get kids ready to meet the challenges of the next grade?"; "How expensive will this approach be to implement?", etc. ([email protected]) School Programs should be tailored to meet the needs of children, rather than expecting children to adjust to the demands of a specific program. High quality, developmentally appropriate programs should be available to all children and their families. No public school program should deny access to children of legal entry age on the basis of lack of maturational "readiness". The educational system should adjust to the developmental needs & levels of the children it serves; children should not be expected to adapt to an inappropriate system. It is extremely important that early childhood teachers be familiar with various stages of child development if they are to be able to plan developmentally appropriate activities. The concept of DAP includes the components of active concrete learning, choices for children, and curriculum integration. And the teacher continues to plan and orchestrate learnings, but in an active way, for the children. It is the general consensus of early childhood experts today that DAP is the correct philosophy when teaching young children. DAP is a well-regarded method of teaching in the early childhood community and worth the effort it takes to change from a more traditional classroom model. ...read more.

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