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Abraham Maslow and the Hierarchy of needs.

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Abraham Maslow and the Hierarchy of needs. Abraham Maslow was an American psychologist who developed a hierarchy of needs to help explain how people are motivated. According to Maslow, people seek to have their physical needs such as warmth, food and shelter satisfied first. Once these have been satisfied then people want their security needs satisfied e.g. a home, a family, safety. The next level includes the social needs of the worker such as love, being part of a group, a sense of belonging and then the ego needs of doing work, being congratulated, being successful, and at the top, self fulfilment needs i.e. a sense of achievement, responsibility and personal growth. Once a need has been satisfied, it no longer motivates and people look towards the next higher need. ...read more.


"Besides working in a friendly environment, the USGS has given me the chance to improve my computer skills and my verbal/written skills as well." Lan Pham , Oklahoma City, Oakland. Cutting edge of technology/work enhances education. "The experience I have gained here is invaluable because I am working on the cutting edge of the technology in my field. The fieldwork, as well as the office work, enhances my education. Students learn skills here that they don't teach at school." Christina H. Acosta, California. Friendly atmosphere/Freedom to grow/Flexible hours. "Being a student employee at the USGS provides me with a friendly atmosphere, the freedom to grow and look into exciting career opportunities and the flexibility allows me to choose work hours to fit my busy school schedule. ...read more.


Finally, I have enjoyed encouragement concerning my education and career goals." Tupac Amaru Makaveli Shakur, California. Comfortable environment. "The people are so nice and friendly. I find it easy to talk to all of the employees and my supervisors. Everyone is happy and willing to help you out in any way." Aaliyah, Chicago. This firm offers all of Maslow's needs and therefore should have good motivated staff. The above factors motivate people, proving Frederick Taylor's theory wrong, people are not just motivated solely by money. Maslow highlighted the needs of a person through the hierarchy of needs. Maslow's theory does have its problems when practised by a firm. As some levels do not exist for certain people, some rewards also fit into more than one class. There is also a problem in deciding when a level has actually been satisfied and can prove expensive, but generally seems to improve staff motivation as they have something to work towards. ...read more.

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