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Administration Operations

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Administration Operations Introduction We have been set an assignment by the Business studies department to organise an activity that will be taking place. The objective of the assignment is to develop administrative skills. We are put in the situation to work in a team and learn how admin functions within an organisation and how each individual has roles and responsibilities, which help others to perform to the best of their ability. We were numbered 1 - 4 by Miss Chokr and were then put into our groups. Myself and six other members of the group are organising on activity, which will take place, the team of individuals is as follows: * Chairperson: Luis * Vice Chairperson: Kowsar * Secretary: Shazna * Vice Secretary: Manjit * Other members: Myself, Alkesh, Sukhjiv My group of six are a very hard working group, we all worked extremely well together to make this activity a success. Each member of the group plays a very important part in this assignment. Luis who is the chairperson undertakes an extreme job, making sure everyone knows exactly what the are going and how he or she is going to do it. Kowsar plays the part in which she has to motivate the others in getting the vital information, which is needed to make each individual's presentation a success. She also had to do her own research for her presentation in addition to watching and improving all the other members of the groups presentations. Shazna and Manjit worked together. They both where responsible in making sure that all members of the group knew when an after school meeting would take place. They where also in charge in producing hand outs and other paper based information. Other members of the group's responsibilities where to make sure that they have produced an action plan and have all the vital information which is needed for the presentation, this would include primary and secondary information. ...read more.


Delta Force: Delta force is the chosen idea and we find this trip the most effective as it is not just enjoyable our also is a way to build your team working skills. WHO WILL BE GOING? As a group we have decided that it would be wise to include a small amount of individuals. An estimation of 14 students, supervised by 2 teachers. Every 10 students will be supervised by 1 teacher therefore 2 teachers will be part of the trip. WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO? The fun filled active day will consist of a number of things: The students & teachers will get into 2 mixed teams. The aim of the game is to receive a flag from the opposite team without getting shot. During this the team will be able to experience 5 different surroundings � Garrison Siege � Terminator � A Bridge Too Far � Ho Chi Minh Trial Storm The Bunker During the day you will be able to enjoy a BQ feast, also coffee and tea will be served through out the whole of the day. The factors that effect the price are the number of paintballs your purchase: 150 paintballs coat �17.50 200 paintballs cost �19.50 300 paintball cost �24.95 500 paintballs cost �34.95 WHEN ARE WE GOING TO GO? We are doing our very best to make this unforgettable activity to take place in the 25th May. We are still confirming with the head of the Business studies department when it will be most suitable for our class to undertake this activity. We are also confirming that the activity will not clash with the AVCE student's examinations. HOW WILL WE BE GETTING THERE? Our group decided whether it would be possible to travel by the schools mini bus. We have authorised permission to travel in the bus if one of the two teachers volunteer to drive. ...read more.


To over come this we will have to set guidelines to all students participating in the event. If any student is caught disobeying the rules set by Delta Force or either the code of conduct they will be issued a punishment. They will receive the punishment from senior. Delta Force are very proud of the different groups of people that arrive to play paintballing, for example Prince William and Harry. They advertise in the booklet on whom participated in the activity, we as a school don't what be given a bad reputation as Delat evaluate who actually come to play. Constraints on objective three: "To develop organisational and team building skills" Paintballing is a team building activity that helps build new skills. These skills can be useful later on when individuals decide to get a carrier, as they will need to be able to communicate with others. A problem, which might accrue on the day of the activity, is that at times people are more involved then others in the activity and this can cause problem in communication and hinder potential planes and barriers are forced between individuals. Also a problem may be if you have a dominating group leader using the autocratic means of communicating individuals may feel unappreciated and commutation between one another may dysfunction. To resolve this I feel we should make two teams that will communicate well together and also share the same personalities. Constraints on objective four: "To help raise the profile of AVCE students" We also have to make are self recognised by other A level groups showing them that we are capable of achieving high standards. We will do this by proving that we can organise events and also producing high quality of work. AVCE is a new course its is likely to be a focuses point in the school. It is also an issue that as were new to the course it is very weak. If students caught breaking the code of conduct or Delta Force rules and regulations they will be punished and be seen to by business studies management. ...read more.

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