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An Analysis Of Cavendish Campus Library.

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Module Code: 3ISY655 Module Name: Business System Evaluation Module Leader: Colin Everiss Date of Submission: 22/03/04 Submitted by: Name: Saurabh Mandhwani Regd No.: 00065514K Course: BSc (hons) Info Sys Engg. Acknowledgement I would like to explicitly acknowledge and express my gratitude to my module leader Colin Everiss for supporting and assistance in bringing this report to fruition and also arranging the guest lectures by Ann Sainsbury and Pat Barclay. I declare that the work I am submitting for assessment contains no section copied in whole or in part from any other source. Considerable thanks are to Ann Sainsbury for providing me the overview of the campus library in the tutorial. Executive Summary This study was intended to analyse the Cavendish campus library of University of Westminster based in central London. A detailed study was done as a part of this report. The terms of evaluation included strengths, weaknesses of the library and opportunities and threats to the library. It clearly identifies the mission and objectives of the library and outlines major strategies and tactics followed by the library. This study is done in regard to: * SWOT Analysis * MOST Analysis * Pest Analysis Table of Contents 1. Introduction ... ... ... ... ... 5 2. An overview of Cavendish campus library ... ... ... ... 6 3. MOST Analysis of Cavendish campus Library.... ... ... ... 8 3.1 Mission Statement ... ... ... ... ... ... 8 3.2 Objectives ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 8 3.3 Strategies ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 8 3.4 Tactics ... ...read more.


SWOT Analysis of Cavendish Campus Library A SWOT analysis can be an excellent, fast tool for exploring the possibilities for initiating new programs in the vocational school. It can also be used for decision making within departments and committees or even by individuals. A SWOT analysis looks at future possibilities for the institution through a systematic approach of introspection into both positive and negative concerns. It is a relatively simple way of communicating ideas, policies, and concerns to others. It can help administrators to quickly expand their vision. Probably the strongest message from a SWOT analysis is that, whatever course of action is decided, decision making should contain each of the following elements: building on Strengths, minimizing Weaknesses, seizing Opportunities, and counteracting Threats. Strengths: Weaknesses: * Full-time and student staff are educated and well trained, dedicated, capable, efficient, cooperative and hard working. * The library is attractive and usable; it provides a comfortable environment for staff and users. * The library collection is developed to meet the needs of students, faculty, and community users. * InfoLinX- the gateway to electronic resources. This includes links to databases, electronic journals, exam papers and much more. * SCONUL Research Extra is a nationwide scheme which allows academic staff and research students (PhD., MPhil or similar) to borrow books from the libraries of 125 higher education institutions in the UK and Ireland upon production of a UoW ID card and a SCONUL Research Extra card.[4] * The 'self issue workstation' in Library Level 3 near Library Catalogue OPAC PCs is now up and running. ...read more.


This represents an increase of around 12% from the previous year, with fewer users renewing by telephone or in person with the book (Appendix B). However, there exist noticeable flaws in some areas. Cavendish campus library reports considerably small number of computers with regard to student population. Also it is not simply enough to identify the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of a company. It is necessary to minimize or avoid both weaknesses and threats. Weaknesses should be looked at in order to convert them into strengths. Therefore the recommendations for the Cavendish Campus Library in University of Westminster are as follows: * The weekend library closure timings should be extended as international students who don't own a PC at home have to go to Marylebone campus for accessing computers. * Reference copies should be issued to students. * Part time staff should be employed to restock the books on shelves which usually remain on computer desks. * As the campus is undergoing construction for expansion a stock room should be made for library in that so that if any of the books is not there in the library, that book can be obtained from the stock room and could be made available for students. * Training should be given to first time users of library services. These improvements will ensure equitable profits to the library and guarantee high quality of services for all students in University of Westminster. 7. References References from infolynx [1] By: Turock, Betty J.. Diversity: a necessity. Library Journal, 12/15/2003, Vol. 128 Issue 20, p10, 1/5p; (AN 11750136) [2] Lisa M. Given and Gloria J. ...read more.

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