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Analyze and Evaluate the Process of Instructional Supervision at the Designated School

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´╗┐INTERVIEW REPORT Collated Interview Information Report In the late 19th century, principals shared their duties with central office personnel as a function of supervision (Nolan, 2010). Those duties have since been passed down to the instructional supervisor. Instructional supervision is an important concept that must be understood by all stakeholders in order to achieve federal, state, and local teaching objectives. At school, the principal may be the sole instructional supervisor. Recently, the work of the principal as instructional supervisor has shifted to focus more on increasing academic results for all students given the accountability requirements of No Child Left Behind (NCLB), (Zepeda, 2007). This project is primarily based around interview, with the results of being collated in this report to be presented in the final report. This report brings together material collated from Dudley County High School (DCHS) instructional supervisor in the following key areas: 1) school climate, 2) communication, 3) educational philosophy, and 4) school improvement. The methodology adopted has involved interviewing and observation of the instructional supervisor, teachers, students, and the school environment complemented by a brief review of documentation. Interviews took place in person to facilitate data collection. ...read more.


To accomplish this task, the associate principal and assistance principals often conduct face-to-face visits to the teacher?s classroom at least once per school year to evaluate their instructional performance and abilities. In doing so, certain criteria are observed, recorded, and reported as part of the supervision process. Evaluate the Efficacy of the Instructional Supervision Process The current process of instructional supervision at DCHS has problem with supervision and evaluation because there is no clear distinction between the two functions when teachers, students, and staff perceived the two performed by the instructional supervisor, the principal. As stated above, the management of the day-to-day operation of DCHS is done by the associate principal. Per conversation with a random sampling of the teachers, the principal has not conducted an evaluation in over two years. With the principal being unavailable, primary supervision and evaluation responsibilities are sometimes rotated. This rotating process creates conflict and cause confusion among the teachers. Lack of having well defined criteria can cause some major problems in the school environment (Celebi, 2010). Often the classroom observation becomes an evaluation of the teacher rather than a collaborative exercise to improve instruction, leading to conflict, and mistrust between teachers and administrators. ...read more.


structured interview priority as instructional supervisor? What is the school's philosophy in terms of instructional supervision? The principal is the instructional leader; however, the duties and responsibilities have been delegated to the assistant principals. How are teachers evaluated by the instructional supervisor? Annually but walk- through are conducted often. Teachers Semi-structured small Describe ways the principal contribute or facilitate collegial support and increase staff morale. Professional development via staff meetings. Most of the communication between teachers and principal takes place through email because most of her time is spend at central office. group and individual interview How are you evaluated and who conducts the evaluation? Evaluations are done by the assistant principals. Students Semi-structured small How often do you see the Rarely. The school seems to be under the leadership of the assistant principals. group and individual principal? Explain. interview Are you allowed to participate in the decision-making process of the school? Explain your answer. Yes, one representative from each class level form a student body that meet with administrators so the student?s voice can be heard. What is the relationship between the students and leadership? It is good when she is around. Note: This list is not inclusive; additional questions have been submitted as an appendix to an earlier assignment. ...read more.

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