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As a teacher I feel the obligation to learn possible ways in which obesity can be prevented and inform parents.

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´╗┐Acevedo Jenny Acevedo May 3,2012 English 112 Essay 3 Revised Draft 3 Child Obesity As an after school teacher, I have the privilege to work with many wonderful children. These children mean a lot to me because I get to know them personally and they bring a lot of happiness and joy to my life. However, many of them make me worry because they currently are faced with a very tough battle with obesity. It makes me very sad to see healthy children playing games such as running, jumping, and chasing each other around, while the children with obesity sit and watch, questioning why they are incapable of keeping up with everyone else. Obesity is robbing children from enjoying the best years of their lives. This is a time in which children should be worry free and when the hardest decision should consist of what toy to play with next. Excess body fat causes children to be the target of bullying and teasing by their peers. Being overweight lowers children?s self esteem and causes severe health related problems. Children that are obese, unfortunately are following the blueprint for a miserable life. As a teacher I feel the obligation to learn possible ways in which obesity can be prevented and inform parents on the future expectations and projected outcomes an obese child will have if their lifestyle does not change. Makayla is one of my students at the after school program I work for. She weights about 100lbs at the age of 9. ...read more.


In a research article in Journal of School Health stated that ? The National School Lunch Program (NSLP) and School Breakfast Program (SBP) served approximately 31 million lunches and more than 10 million breakfast meals per day in 2008, representing approximately 35% of the daily caloric intake for NSLP participants and 16% for SBP participants?(Phillips 433). In order to reduce child obesity many school systems have decided changed the menu in the schools. One proposed way to improve children?s consumption of fruits and vege-tables is to increase the number of schools that offer salad bars as part of the National School Lunch Program. A group of policy officials, the National 5-A-Day Partnership, has proposed that all schools have salad bars as a way to increase the number and variety of fruits and vegetables that children consume at school (Neumark-Sztainer 437). Schools are implementing more nutritious foods such as fruit and vegetables. They are also providing children with more organic rather than preserve foods. This solution was very effective at school because children are eating healthy at school, but it still does not change children?s entire diet because eventually children go home to eat junk food provided by the parents. Fast food chain restaurants spent a significant amount of money on advertisement. ?A study from Yale University's Rudd Center for Food Policy & Obesity charges that fast-food companies are marketing to youth now more than ever-increasingly targeting children as young as two years old-using various media?(Morrison). ...read more.


Educating parents can be the solution to fight off obesity. Obesity is a very hard challenge because it`s not easy to bring changes to an individuals lifestyle. But, making the obese community realize how much happiness this changes will bring to their life will definitely make them not give up. For that reason obesity cannot be treated in isolation. Support needs to be extended to the family in a way that empowers and is non-judgmental. In the past others have only looked at obesity and made a plan for the child to eat better and exercise more. The truth is that parents need to be the main source of changing the lifestyle of children and themselves. Tackling obesity is not an easygoing mission, the individual has to be very motivated and parents need to provide children with that motivation and drive to stay on task. Along with the funding of wellness and fitness events , the Governor of Connecticut must also provide obese children with professional help. Psychologist, doctors, personal trainers, and nutritionist are essential to help children succeed through this life changing experience. Being that children`s lives are at stake. My solution is the best way to address the problem because parents will be more involved and disciplined with children. The two main components of obesity which are food intake and physical activity will be targeted, therefore their will be actual changes and improvements in the child?s life. It is very important that this problem is fixed because children need to have a better quality of life and if it?s not stop now the cycle will continue to future generations and we cannot let that happen. ...read more.

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