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Cheaters Prosper Essay.

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Carolyn Wu 9/30/03 Mr. Brocato - English 117 Cheaters Prosper Essay I am trying to use fewer commas and improve my level of thought. Cheating. When someone mentions cheating, different people think of different things. Some think of an unforgivable crime equal to murder. Others think of a justifiable act that happens when one is overstressed. There are also people who are such cheaters that if they don't cheat when given chances, they feel like they are being taken advantage of. How people view cheating is a result of their upbringing and ideals. There were also many good and irrefutable points made in the news article "Cheaters Prosper" by Brigid Schulte, who wrote the article for the Washington Post, but there were also some points that were more debatable. For example, when Mrs. Abeshouse said that she searched the Internet for that one line, "Unable to express her desires, she imagines that she sees ghosts of luckier souls who did express their desires." ...read more.


The students who cheat because of deadlines often procrastinate and then find themselves in a race against time to finish their papers. They often find more work than they have time for, so they turn to cheating. There are some students who cheat because they see it as a game or a challenge and no one really gets hurt. Students who cheat don't find learning as a priority but getting a good job upon graduation is. But what those students don't realize is that while they think no one is getting hurt, people really are. But cheating, there are giving themselves an unfair advantage that they don't deserve. They are stealing ideas, work, and credit that should be given to other people. They are also cheating their peers of a level playing field and cheating their teachers of their trust. The cheaters don't realize that they are also cheating themselves out of a real future and a past that they can look on with joy. ...read more.


One of the more shocking stories in the article was the student government president who was caught hiding 150 answers to a final exam in his baseball hat. I was shocked because this was someone who had been elected and respected by his peers to represent them. And the fact that he had 150 answers stashed in his hat, hints that this was probably not the first time this person has cheated. Everybody knows that being honest but getting a bad grade while you classmates are getting great grades but dishonesty can be extremely difficult to take and you might be tempted to cheat. Cheating is an unforgivable moral crime, which is my definition of cheating. It is one of my ideals, because if I can't even respect myself enough to trust my own work, then how can others respect my work. When we cheat, we are affecting our peers, our teachers, our society, and our future as a whole. Mini- Reflection: This was a seemingly boring prompt at first but I found it much more interesting to write as I went along. ...read more.

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