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Classroom Management

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´╗┐Introduction Classroom is a place where students and teacher interact with eacher other simultaneously. As there may be a lot of activities going on in class, it is not surprising that not every student are behaving their best. However, identifying the possible causes that lead to the behaviour problems would help teachers in improving the situation. The occurrence of students not paying attention in class is very commonly found in fact. There could be numerous reasons and factors that have contributed to this incident. To fully interpret the underlying factors, it is best to have in-depth knowledge of the characteristics of a classroom. In the analysis of this case, classroom management anf teaching strategy theories are applied. Possible Causes Lack of Attention Given the size of the class, it is difficult for every student to get equal attention from the teacher. While the teacher is speaking to one or several students, others may receive less attention. In this case, though the teacher was speaking to the whole class, students who sat at the back were playing with each others. From the video clip, it seemed that the teacher was standing at the same spot. ...read more.


or non verbal signals like clapping hands. To redirect the unacceptable behaviour in this video, teacher should teach the students at the beginning of the school term, in how to respond to the signals above and stop their current activity. The earlier the rules are set, the better the discipline of the class shall exercise. Motivating Students Improving motivation for students to learn in class is a vital factor for teachers in managing the classroom. The process of getting students motivated is complicated and multidimensional. According to Burden, motivation "...involves intrinsic and extinsic motivation, along with the manipulation of a number of classroom variables such as tasks, evaluationm feedback, and expectations." (P. 27, 2004). Intrinsic need is the core in motivation, as it leaves a more durable impact in students' learning. In Mascow's hierarchy of needs(1971), it is believed that everyone would strive for success and glory. Hall, Lindzey and Campbell(1998) explained the model of hierarchy that "as needs are satisfied, new and higher needs emerge." (P. 449). In other words, students are more interested in challenging content in the subject, than knowledge that they have already gained, espeically without new infomation added. ...read more.


They could not interrupt the lesson as well. It is important for the teacher to explain each regulation clearly and have everone agreed on the rule list. In this way, students have clear understanding of what is acceptable during the lesson. Also, they would know that if they are breaking one of the rules, they will get punishment for it. Conclusion A happy and healthy learning environment is ideal for both students and teachers. To achieve this, teachers have to equip themselves with effective classroom management and appropriate teaching strategies. In order to avoid discipline and behaviour problem in a classroom, teacher are required to develop a sense of proffesional efficacy and realize the potential learning ability of students. Yet, teachers should bear in mind that the best classroom management style is the one created by their own experience and the knowledge they have towards the class. Appendix Source: Youtube video clip http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MOmvUiWw6Ww Description of the Case Study In a province in China, about 70 percent of the students were sleeping during a class. Some even played electronic games at the back of the classroom. When asked about why they had behaved so, the claimed that the lesson was boring and the teacher would not care either. ...read more.

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