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Coaching multi sports

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Jill Sharples Coaching in multi sports Assignment three Paul Bentley Contents Page 1.0 Introduction 3 2.0 Coaching styles 4 3.0 Evaluate techniques, strategies and theories used 5 4.0 Reflect on what I have learnt 6 5.0 What skills do you believe coaches need to work effectively 7 6.0 Conclusion 9 7.0 Bibliography 10 8.0 Appendix 11 1.0 Introduction During Coaching Multi Sports arranged of sessions (see appendix 1) were run by arrange of coaches, from netball to rock climbing. There were many sessions also run by the students, but this assignment is going to focus on the sessions run by the coaches. This assignment is also going to focus my individual analysis, literature of the science behind coaching and reflection on my coaching development. Coaching can be defined as, 'Giving technical information in an organised manner to improve and develop a practical performance by individuals or groups.' (Galligan et al, pg 322) This assignment will look at the various approaches to coaching and teaching. I will then describe and evaluate a coaching session that has been done, as well as looking at the styles and approaches. ...read more.


Only motivated coaches can produce motivated learners Csikszentihali (1997). Netball session (see appendix four) this session was planned well and progressed in a steady flow. Not many participants kept an interest in this sport mainly the male participants this is because of their experience they have mainly seen females taking part in this sport. According Mosston and Ashworth (1986) if a coaching session or a sport hasn't been a positive experience they prevent themselves from going back into that situation. This will be one of the reasons why male participants don't like to participate in netball as they have always seen females participants playing the sport. As it were some of the males first time the coach had to show them the fundamental stage of netball. This stage is learning all the basic movements in sport in a fun way and to have a good experience (Foreman and Bradshaw 2009) During the year we had many football session (see appendix five and six) all the football session we well presented and organised, for these session everyone in the group we all interested in football as most of the group take part in football outside of university. ...read more.


The coach is responsible for taking the training sessions also they should analyze their athlete's performances; they should teach the relevant skills provide encouragement. They are also responsible for the guidance of the athlete/group in their chosen sport. The coach is the person who tells you what you are doing incorrect but more essentially how to improve it. A coach will help their team or individuals in all aspects of their sport 6.0 Conclusion The role of the coach can be varied, from instructor, assessor, friend, mentor, facilitator, demonstrator, adviser, supporter, fact finder, motivator, organizer, planner and the Fountain of all Knowledge. The role of a sports coach is to create the right conditions for learning to happen and to also find ways to motivate the athletes. Most athletes are already highly motivated and therefore the task is to maintain that motivation and make the training sessions exciting and enthusiastic.. Watching a different range of coaching practices help you learn different sessions and different coaching style which can help you with ideas for any future sessions you may what to run. There is no correct way to coach many factors come into what makes a good coach and a competent coach has many qualities and should be able to cater for the individual needs of people in the session 7. ...read more.

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