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Diploma in Teaching in the Lifelong Learning sector Unit 1, question 3

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(3) Discuss issues of equality and diversity and ways to promote inclusion with your learners. Not all learners have developed skills in literacy, numeracy and ICT. There may also be physical and language barriers, as well as personal, social and cultural factors affecting literacy and numeracy. Inclusive learning involves identifying the learner's specific and additional needs, providing resources and appropriate support, meeting their preferred learning styles and giving them access to fair assessment. ...read more.


Involving the whole institution and incorporating regular reflection and review of action plans and methods that actively involve all students. Teachers should assume that there are disabled students on their course and talk to the students about what is best for them. Researching on-line or seek advice from the institution's disability support staff. Course content/module information could be provided in advance with specific aims and learning outcomes so that the student is more aware of what will be involved. ...read more.


The teacher could also model an example of what is expected by the students to reinforce understanding. By repeating the questions asked by the students, everyone can be benefit from Q and A. Many of these points benefit all students regardless of ability or disability. Understanding the diversity of learners helps us to teach effectively. As teachers, we must recognise the concept of inclusive learning as well as the broad range of learning needs and specific learning disabilities that may affect learning. ...read more.

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