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Do questions like "Why should I be moral?" or "Why shouldn't I be selfish?" have definitive answers as do some questions in other Areas of Knowledge? Does having a definitive answer make a question more or less important?

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Do questions like "Why should I be moral?" or "Why shouldn't I be selfish?" have definitive answers as do some questions in other Areas of Knowledge? Does having a definitive answer make a question more or less important? Nina Chen Wednesday AM, Mr. Bilesky May 11th, 2005 (1471 words) Question is a very important tool in language and language is one of the ways of knowing, therefore, questions are indispensable in the process of learning and knowing. It is not overstated that questions are the beginning for inquiry, we learn more through asking questions; we acquire more knowledge through asking questions; sometimes, we do not expect an answer, but we do care the process in between, that is the way to find an answer. As people investigate a question they usually gained something else that is more important than just the answer to this question. For example, when historians are determined to find some artifacts of a particular historical period, they do not always discover the things they expected but sometimes they find something else that is equally important or even more precious to them. ...read more.


For example, scientists have struggled for many years to find the exact structure of the atom. Even though they discovered a lot of things that are relevant and substantial along the way but they insisted on the discovery of atom because finding the exact structure of the atom would means progress towards other areas of knowledge through linkages between them. From Aristotle's the most basic "periodic table" of air, water, earth and fire to the Dalton's billiard ball model to Thomson's raison buns theory until the actual structure of atom discovered by Rutherford and Bohr, the question about the structure of atom is eventually answered3. The answer to this question is the key of this question since the answer is reachable with our modern technology. However, by answering this question the question itself does not change and its significance neither enhanced nor debased. A possible uncertainty emerged, the word significance is another interesting topic, significance means importance but how do we identify whether something is important or not. Something would be important if it affects us somehow. Hence, as alluded before, even the cure to retro viruses has not yet been found but the significance or importance of this did not change because the discovery of reverse transcriptase has affected us in a good way. ...read more.


However, questions in some other areas of knowledge would have generalized definitive answers because there are areas of knowledge that all the people would have the same background to refer to. For example, a question of 1+1, everyone would have a definitive answer of 2, because from the time we start to encounter math problems we were taught that 1+1=2. Hence, this "life experience" allowed us the same mathematical background. Sometimes people could not generalize a definitive answer for a particular question, they resort into violence and war. Germany did not want to agree the Treaty of Versailles after World War I, because Germany thought the cause of the War was not solely her fault, but other countries thought it was the Germans who started this horrible war. This problem of justification has made Germany greatly resented the guilt clause, a fact that would come back to haunt the world twenty years later6. Asking questions are an essential process of learning but not all questions have a generalized definitive answer due to the different aspects of individual such as education, and culture. However, answering a question does not necessarily change the significance of one question because the different definition of significance everyone has. Therefore, coming up with an answer is difficult but the process of answering a question is significant. ...read more.

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