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"Education is the way to freedom".

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"Education is the way to freedom" As the cost of living continuously increases and income of the average 'Joe' does not, it is easy to see the importance of an education. Education allows for freedom of choice and prosperity. Yet the average student sits at his or her desk, doodling in their textbook, barely hearing the words of their English teacher. What does education mean? It means coming to an institution every day and being bored to tears when there are better things to do in life, like sports, shopping, and socializing with friends. (What these teenagers do not obtainable at a minimum wage job.) Such as if you want to drive a brand new Mercedes convertible, you need a high level of education in order to earn a high level income. ...read more.


It is not uncommon for there to be subtle negative opinions surrounding education in the television shows and films teenagers watch. Therefore, where the success of society is measured by education greatly affects the true benefits by the media's negative attitude targeting teens and children. Unfortunately, teenagers take the derogatory messages referring to education seriously, so they pressure other students into the same beliefs. All those who have been to high school understand the complex social system established by the students. The desire to be 'cool' or to fit in is atop most students' lists. Teenagers are capable of being truly nasty to each other and some get their pleasure out of pressuring other students to go against their beliefs. ...read more.


Many students close their doors, because they do not realize their potential. All people should have equal opportunities, but because some do not realize the importance of an education, their lack of education on the subject contributes toward false assumptions. It is time to turn these incorrect assumptions around and educate the ignorance, and change the negative messages sung by peers and the media to promote the importance of education. For the economic benefit of our country and the quality of life led by the general population, the media must encourage earning a higher level of education. In addition, students must learn the value of respect, and hard work which they will eventually realize that education is 'cool' and there will be time for work and play. ...read more.

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