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Event management

Extracts from this document...


1. Introduction 1.1 Proposal Objective This is an annual 4 days event of PepsiCo in order to meet their broad international membership needs and stronger international networking. The event will be held during 21-24 June 2008 and the number of delegates attending will be approximately 220-250 with about 30% of the delegates will be accompanied by their partners. 1.2 About Singapore Singapore is a multicultural society with general English speaking. It has one of the world's busiest container ports and becomes one of the important financial centers of Asia with 130 banks. The conference industry has built multimillion dollars to the tourism industry, it has been estimated that in the developed world every 1,000 delegates that is attracted to an area will result in $500,000 - $900,000 to the local economy (Kotler, 2002). With its strategic location, full range of facilities, easy access to everywhere, multinational cultures and tourist attractions has made Singapore successful as the leading destination for both business and leisure in the world. 1.3 About Sunrise Event Company 1.3.1 Company Background Sunrise Event Company was found in Dec 1986 by Ms. Winnie. With more than 20 years successful experience in organizing association conferences, trade shows, executive team meetings and ancillary meetings & events for Luxury Company around the world. Our Company has totally about 50 staffs working together to make your event more successful and memorable. (See Appendix 10.1 for Organization Structure details) 1.3.2 Mission statement Our company mission is providing our guests complete memorable experiences that exceeds their expectation with excellent services and superior products with "attitude". 1.3.3 Testimonials There is some testimonials letter from our clients such as Alberta Research Council, Viking Venture Norway for previous events with Sunrise Company. They have very happy with our efficient, professional and reliable services and have a good attention to them in details. (See appendix 10.2 for more details) 1.4 Event Partner Summary There are some partners that coordinate very well with Sunrise in making a memorable and contented event for your organization. ...read more.


Date: ... Time: ... Location: ... Spectaculars Rating Recommendation 1. Need Improvement 2. Good 3. Excellent Convention Venue Conference set up Event timing Keynote speakers Audio Visual Facilities and equipment Programming Outside catering Transportation Food and beverage Services Any others comments or recommendations for future event: Sincerely Yours, Thank You General Manager Ms. Winnie Ngo 10.6 Feedback Form Dear all our honor guests, Thanks you for your participation to our PepsiCo 4 annual days event in Singapore. We hope that you have a wonderful time with us, lasting experience with our services and attended the events that we are organized. We are hoping to see you comeback again and again. Please take short time to complete our feedback form below about our Sunrise Event Company. Your gold comments are surely help us aim to improve our services, accommodation, ECT and rum the next event smoothly and successful. We are looking forward welcoming you to hold an event with us again. Yours Sincerely, General Manager Ms. Winnie Ngo The Feedback Form Sunrise Event Company 123 Orchard Boulevard Singapore 125430 Tel: + 65 6335 4889 Email: sunrise@event.com.sg Guest Name: Email Address: 1. Poor 2. Fair 3. Good 4. Satisfactory 5. Very satisfactory Spectaculars Rating Our staffs Acknowledge to you immediately friendly with smile all time. Respond your needs for assistant fast? Maintain a professional attitude and appearances? Services Check in and check out on time, fast and efficient? Transportation The Guest Room Cleanliness Facilities Internet access Water heater and air conditioning Telephone and TV cable (does it helpful and convenience?) The Conference Room Room Layout Design/ D�cor Facilities Menu quality/ Variety Any others Comments or Recommendations for future events? If yes, please specify. Thanks for your cooperation. 10.7 Facilities and Equipment List * Sound systems * 1 x Sony DMX-E3000 digital sound mixer * 2 x Yamaha SpX-1000 digital effect units * 4 x Behringer BEQ 700 bass graphic equalizers * 2 x Sony RDR-HX715 DVP/hard drive recorders * 1 x Portable CD player * 1 ...read more.


from or out of any occurrence in, upon or at the Leased Premises or the occupancy or use by the Client/Organization of the Leased Premises. If Sunrise Event Company shall, without fault on its part, be made a party to any litigation commenced by or against the Client/Organization, the Client/Organization shall protect, indemnify and hold Sunrise Event Company harmless and shall pay all costs, expenses and reasonable legal fees incurred or paid by Sunrise Event Company in enforcing the terms covenants and conditions of this Agreement, unless a court of law shall decide otherwise. 14. Sunrise Event Company reserves the right to cancel any contract with 30 days prior written Notice of Intent. 15. Cancellation Fee: Written notification of cancellation must be received 30 days prior to the Function Date. A minimum fee of 50% of the full room charge will be levied on functions cancelled thereafter. A fee equivalent to the full room charge including all food and beverage costs indicated on the contract will be charged on functions cancelled within 7 days of the Function Date. Client/Organization Date of Event Post As Contact Person Room Room Charge Telephone Number Fax Number Type of Function Set-up time Billing Address Start time Finish time Number of guarantee guests No. of expected guests Payment method Date booked Booked by Deposit Required * Note: Any more enquiries within the contract, we can negotiate during consultant times. CATERING REQUIREMENTS Please note that client is responsible for providing catering requirements no later than three business days prior to the event date. All beverages are served on consumption at $1.30 each unless otherwise instructed. I have read and understand the Terms and Conditions of this Contract. The execution of this Contract delivered either in person or by facsimile shall be deemed to have the same force and effect as an executed original. ________________________________ ________________________ Client/Organization - Representative Date ________________________________ ________________________ Sunrise Event Company- Representative Date ?? ?? ?? ?? Queen Margaret University Events and Conference Management - 1 - ...read more.

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