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Every morning I am woken by the joint effect of my phone and watch alarm. Honestly, it's loud enough to wake the dead

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A life in the day of "BBBBBBBBBRRRRRRRRRINNNNGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!" Every morning I am woken by the joint effect of my phone and watch alarm. Honestly, it's loud enough to wake the dead. After pressing snooze a couple of times I begin to stir. With a thud the door opens and a dark figure lurches in the doorway. It's mum announcing the arrival of yet another morning. She is meant to wake me up if I've accidentally turned over and gone back to sleep thinking I can't be bothered with school. I am one of a family of five with two adults getting ready for work and getting the five year old baby ready for school and the two teenagers, my brother and I getting ready for school. As you can see, mornings are chaos, with everybody trying not to be late. The fact that there is only one bathroom makes everything worst. I eventually haul myself out of bed at about 7.30am. By this time everybody else in the family has used the bathroom so I have it all to myself. Unfortunately I still have to hurry or I'll be late for school. ...read more.


The bell rings signalling the beginning of another difficult school day. Every day we head over to registration where our form teacher does the register and gives out notices. For the rest of registration we either talk amongst ourselves or go to the school hall for assembly where my mind wanders off and I enter into my own little world. The teacher waffles on about insignificant tittle tattle, therefore little attention is paid. Eventually everyone exits and goes upstairs to their form rooms, snatching their bags and coats, rushing to the first lesson. After two lessons each lasting sixty-five minutes, it's finally time for break and I'm usually starving. I head over to the canteen and buy a biscuit or a packet of Sensations crisps (Thai sweet chilli flavour as I like it the best). Then I head over to the table where all my friends are sitting and we chat. I could spend all day with my friends at school and still find so much to talk about with them for hours on the phone during evenings and weekends, especially over the most insignificant subjects. ...read more.


After school, I walk home with my friends and get home around 4. I go to get changed taking my school bag with me, it weighs a ton! I don't know how the teachers expect us to carry all this stuff to their lesson each time. I watch my favourite programme "One on One" when I've changed. After it finishes I wash the dishes while my brother tidies up the living room before my parents come home from work bringing my baby brother with them. We eat dinner as a family. After dinner, I usually do any homework which is expected to be handed in the next day. After some hard work I stop and watch EastEnders if it is on, if not I carry on with my homework a bit longer. After watching the programme, I carry on with my homework or watch some more telly. I go to bed around ten thirty, sometimes reading a little, thinking or falling straight to sleep after a tiring, stressful day at school. Before going to sleep which on a bad night may take hours, I switch on my alarms. I fall asleep and sleep deeply till the alarms ring with their distressing ring the next morning. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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