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Grades vs. Learning

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Grades vs. Learning Although grades and learning usually walk hand in hand with one another, they are two totally different topics. Grades are a part of the whole learning process but learning is not just based off of grades. Students have to be able to fully comprehend what they are learning. The technical or professional type of education does not let this type of learning become possible. The liberal arts college education is the preeminent type of education in our society today. In order for a person to become well-rounded, get a decent job, turn out to be a better citizen as a whole, and develop a sense of moral character, the liberal arts college education is the best route to go. The liberal arts college education is the best way to make learning possible as well as continuing a grading system using A-F as grades. Through this liberal education process, students are learning more; this helps expand their sense of character. Students become well rounded because they are being opened up to a little bit of everything that is going on in the world. If people are opened up to many different topics, they may decide to lean toward a different major in the long run. This will ultimately get them the ideal job that they have always been looking for. ...read more.


William Cronon also suggested some superior qualities by how someone can tell if another person is liberally educated. Some examples include: "they can write clearly and persuasively, they practice humility, tolerance, and self-criticism, and they nurture and empower the people around them" (Harrington 50). Mandrell and I are on the same page when it comes to having grades based off a grading system of A-F for maximum learning. Students are so much more motivated when they know what specific grade they are receiving in the class. It pushes them to receive that "A" and by pushing themselves harder, they are in fact learning the material, whether they know that or not. Another positive idea that comes along with having the A-F grading scale is that it promotes self-discipline for most students. Everyone wants to receive good grades, whether it is for them to get into a better college or grad school or to please their parents. Receiving good grades eventually leads up to trying to work at a well paying job and being satisfied with all that the individual has accomplished. Mandrell states, "Learning must somehow be linked to a product. That product must be measured or graded to gauge the worth of the product according to the merit it deserves" (439). ...read more.


My liberal arts view of education helps a person go farther in society today. They are more knowledgeable in general in a variety of areas. They are more aware of current situations that are going on in the world and this also helps when they get a random situation thrown at them that they do not normally go about everyday. They can interpret what to do in those types of situations. Society is much better off with people who know exactly what they are talking about and can make important decisions with having all the knowledge necessary to make them. I would much rather have someone who is in charge of a very important job, like a doctor or the president, who knows about outside information, rather than just their specific area of work. With this outside information and textbook information, trusting this individual comes a lot easier. Learning will get you far in life, but someone will get the farthest in life as long as they receive a liberal arts education, this includes: being well-rounded, have self-fulfillment, become a better citizen of the world, having moral development, and getting the good grades that everyone wants. Mandrell makes it clear that having a specific grading system helps motivate students more and they do not become lazy in the long run. They will obtain those dream jobs that they have always wanted and will pursue a road of happiness. ...read more.

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