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How labelling, streaming and the self-fulfilling prophecy lead to working class underachievement.

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How labelling, streaming and the self-fulfilling prophecy lead to working class underachievement. Aim I aim to find out how labelling, streaming and the self-fulfilling prophecy (s/f) lead to working class (w/c) underachievement (u/a). Using Ball's theories on streaming and Hargreave's study on s/f and labelling which link w/c u/a to in-school factors, I will explore the concepts that these factors can lead to a pupil not fulfilling their potential. I am interested in this subject which I drew from the educational part of the syllabus as I live in a w/c environment where I have seen w/c children u/a within the educational environment, also I have seen pupils treated differently depending on their class background. (102 words) Context and concepts Ball's study of banding provides my main focus for streaming. At Beachside comprehensive the students were placed in bands based upon information supplied by the students previous school. The bands where meant to be based upon academic criteria but Ball found other factors which effect the band a student was placed in. Ball attributed the diverse behaviours of pupils on the stereotypes which teachers place on different bands. ...read more.


Hargreave's says that labelling leads to s/f and s/f can lead to u/a, this means that a w/c stereotype can lead to a w/c child u/a. (407 words) Main research methods My chosen research method is covert observation (c/o). This is watching a situation without the participants of the study knowing that they are being watched. I will do this by not telling the participants that they are being studied. A person not knowing that they are being studied is an advantage because they will not change the way they act because of the study. From c/o you gain qualitative data (q/l), this looks more at people's feelings and emotions of the person within the study, q/l is subjective and more closely involved with the people then quantitative (q/a) methods. Q/l may be less objective then q/a but it gives more in-depth information into the area. I have chosen this area because it is hard to gain numeric data on the factors that I am researching, collecting q/l data will give me the information I need to conclude if school factors do lead to w/c u/a. To carry out my research I will pose as a student teacher in a comprehensive school where I will stay for 6 months. ...read more.


Another problem is bias, I have to be mutual towards both teachers and students, and I cannot jut take one side because my results will become flawed. Finding funds for my research is difficult because my research does not produce clear evidence. If somebody finds out that I am carrying out the research they may start acting differently which will affect my results, if somebody does find out about my study, the school I am in will be removed from my study to keep my data more accurate. I will have to get permission from the 8 schools to do the research; this may be difficult because they may not agree with the ethical side to the research. After I have finished my research I will have to tell the people what I have done, and ask for permission to publish my findings. It will be difficult for me to record my data, and the data I record may not be accurate because it is just my interpretation of incidence. Covert observation is not a does not produce numerical data witch may cause problems. The data I record will be my opinions of what is happening, and if another person carried out the research, they may not see the same things as me, so my research is difficult to repeat. (302 words) ...read more.

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