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"How Will the Honor Code Impact My Academic and Campus Life?"

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"How Will the Honor Code Impact My Academic and Campus Life?" Honesty, respect, accountability, these are all the words that the honor code stands by. The honor code is a foundation on which academic integrity abides, and a line drawn between what's right and wrong. As an Xaverite, the honor code means more than just a statement to me, it is a living entity, a guideline that the University vows by, and those that break the code have to meet the consequences. During my four years at Xavier, I plan on striving for leadership and academic excellence by incorporating the ideas of the honor code into my daily life. I realize that the honor code will be fundamental to my life, both during and after college. Academic knowledge is the basis on which future prosperity and financial security have been determined. ...read more.


I feel that the true pleasure to be gained from academic effort is pride in one's self for working toward a goal and reaching it. Cheating makes such pride and pleasure impossible. Some say that dishonesty isn't as bad as stealing because academic assignments are more like "exercises" and not apart of the real world, or because no one is really hurt by cheating. Upon entering the real world, however, those who have been dishonest through high school and college years are almost certainly trapped by habit, especially if they have escaped disciplinary actions. In the working world, cheating often results in negative effects such as job loss and/or legal penalties In the society that we live in today, it's hard to find someone who is dependable and honest. ...read more.


If my fellow peers think that I am dishonest, it will cause them to not want to associate with me. If the faculty of Xavier thinks that I am a dishonest person, they will not want to write me recommendations. Either of which can hasten an individuals overall progress in life. Education happens best when both teachers and students trust and respect each other. Dishonesty replaces that trust and respect with suspicion and antagonism and thus undermines not only the education of the individual, but the climate in which teachers and students work and learn. An institution that ignores or permits academic dishonesty will inevitably suffer a loss of self-respect and reputation, a situation that affects everyone involved. No school is a "good school" that does not have a strong communal commitment to honesty. ...read more.

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