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I am currently working as a nursery nurse (practitioner) in a preschool with children aged 34 years. I am going to describe this job role and how the role relates to the DfEEs (Department for Employment and Education) four part framework.

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Rebecca Withers: PI: C335403X Supporting Learning in Primary Schools (TMA 1) I am currently working as a nursery nurse (practitioner) in a pre-school with children aged 3-4 years. I am going to describe this job role and how the role relates to the DfEE?s (Department for Employment and Education) four part framework. The four levels of support are: 1. For pupils 2. For the teacher 3. For the school 4. For the curriculum Nursery Nurse For Pupils: I currently work in a pre-school with children aged 4 years. I assist the children with basic hygiene including promoting the importance of hand hygiene and other simple tasks such as doing up their coat or putting on their shoes themselves. I am responsible for a key group of 17 children and I am therefore responsible for ensuring that the time that the children spend in my care is interesting and beneficial to them in terms of their learning and development. This is done be ensuring that activities are age and skills appropriate and are engaging for the children to take part in or complete whilst also ensuring that the children are challenged. ...read more.


Being a part of this team means that I work closely alongside these professionals manager to ensure the curriculum is being followed, any issues are discussed and addressed and new thoughts or ideas are shared. I previously worked as a nursery assistant in another local nursery with children aged 2-3 years whilst completing my NVQ training. This has therefore provided me with further insight, skills and knowledge that are useful in the working environment as it?s interesting to see the difference between how the different nurseries are run and the contrasting ways in which the staff practice in each setting and different methods they often use. For example where I am currently working if a child hits another child then they are placed on time out. However where in the nursery where I previously worked if a child were to do this they would be placed on the thinking chair, allowing them to have a chance to assess why their behaviour was wrong. I also work alongside the child?s parents and we share any concerns that we may have or generally pass on information regarding the child?s day. ...read more.


Main duties: 1. Working as part of a team, taking direction and encouragement from senior staff 2. Delivering the EYFS curriculum on a day to day basis in line with the nursery?s annual plan 3. Organise and provide activities for the children that are in line with the EYFS curriculum 4. Maintain strict confidentiality regarding the children?s records and information 5. Being completely familiar with all policies and procedures 6. Taking the opportunity for extra training whenever possible 7. Report to senior staff immediately any concerns regarding any of the children 8. Getting involved in OFSTED inspections and always being prepared for unannounced visits 9. Liase with parents when able to and refer them to senior staff for queries you cannot answer 10. Taking part in the cleaning and maintaining of the nursery and equipment 11. Being mindful of appropriate language and behaviour in front of the children and parents 12. Ensure children are escorted to the toilet and that their personal hygiene is looked after appropriately. 13. Be involved in the EYFS, completing observations, planning and children?s learning journeys 14. Attend staff meetings on a monthly basis 15. Guide and assist nursery assistants in their daily work 16. Oversee lunch and snack times, encourage children to be independent and sociable 17. Assist with annual open evening ...read more.

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