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I carried out a questionnaire of which I gave to 20 students attending a mixed and, a single sex school. They all showed various views on the status of their school and the education that they receive

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Primary Analysis: For my primary research, I carried out a questionnaire of which I gave to 20 students attending a mixed and, a single sex school. They all showed various views on the status of their school and the education that they receive. I've researched from questionnaire's and interviews that overall girls at a single sex school tend to spend longer hours on their homework, they take up more extra curriculum activities, and these are on of the factors which, affect level of achievement. Another comparison I have made that supports my hypothesis is that the girls attending single sex school have said that the education they have received is very good and excellent, not one has said it was poor. On the other hand the results from a mixed school have said the education they received is satisfactory, but could be better. The reason why is because of distractions in class. "Boys tend to try to take over the lesson, make jokes of the teacher, they think it's funny, however, it's wasting precious time" Girl Aged 16. Furthermore, the majority of girls that attended a mixed school would have preferred to go to a single sex school, when I asked why. ...read more.


A (2) B (3) B (2) C (2) C (3) D (0) D (1) E (0) E (1) F (0) F (0) It shows that Sebba's Grades are higher than Ayesha's is. Sebba has 10 A*-C Passes whereas Ayesha has a total of 7 A*-C passes. Ayesha is more of an average student whereas Sebba is above average in her work. Ayesha had two average grades in her SAT's and one above, whereas Sebba had two above average and another higher than the above of an average score. Furthermore, by observing what College's they are applying for gives a bit of insight of how they think about their studies and future career. If you look at a league table you will be able to see that Sebba's choice of Colleges are much higher in Rank than the one's Ayesha chose. In addition this proves that my hypothesis is correct, single sex schools are achieving higher grades than mixed school. The reason why is not definite, there are various solutions to why this maybe. For eg: Home Life, Teachers, Boys, Ability of work etc. The points I got from students also came across when I interviewed a teacher that had taught at a single sex as well as a mixed school. ...read more.


Girls attending a single sex school would have a different influence from their peers, than attending a mixed school. Girls play different roles within a culture and a sub-culture. They may have a low status in a mixed school, yet higher amongst their peer groups in a mixed school. Girls status are higher in a single sex school because their potential is pushed to extent, and they can excel in the supposedly "boyish subjects" such as woodwork, science, football, there is less competition from their peers. Another teacher had mentioned that in a "mixed school flirting and dating was disruptive within lessons, students attending a single sex school would concentrate more on their education rather than trying to impress or get the attention of the opposite sex." "When these sort of things go on, you cannot gain the students full attention, they loose concentration easily, therefore staff cannot give the student the full education that they should receive, is students don't co-operate well within lessons than teachers feel why should they bother so much?" This is also another factor to why girls do better at a single sex rather then a mixed school; there are no boys! All in all the primary research, I found supported my hypothesis. Candidate No: 8378 By Sunaira Khan 11.P Centre No:13228 ...read more.

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