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Individual Reflective Practice Log. After watching the video of the Olympics, I was flowing with ideas for what I was going to put in the dance. *I then had to get into a group of 5max, were I had to think & perform 5 fast moves that I would do whilst wai

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Individual Reflective Practice Log Student name: Student ID: Title of Lecture: The Olympiad Date: Review of the Session: *As I walked into the gym I took my shoes off, putting them at the side, for health and safety reasons. *I then had some input into what I was going to be doing in the lecture and it seemed challenging. *After watching the video of the Olympics, I was flowing with ideas for what I was going to put in the dance. *I then had to get into a group of 5max, were I had to think & perform 5 fast moves that I would do whilst waiting for a bus, to music. *I then had to slow the moves down to fit into 4 beats and perform them to the music. *We then had to put it into a formation were the audience could see everyone. *We then added some moves to our routine and practised it to some music to make it lively. ...read more.


*I and the group them had time to practise with some music before we had to perform. *Whilst in our performance we were being filmed on camcorder. After our performance I had to fill in my weekly personal evaluation form in for the lecture and a course evaluation form to say how I feel the course went. *I then put my shoes on, on the mat and left the lecture theatre. Reflection on issues raised: In the Olympiad lecture I felt challenged in most parts of the lecture. I feel that this was because the activities that I was doing were very active and very demanding on the body. As I am currently just coming back from injury I felt that I wasn't pushed very hard and from this I could tell that I needed to become fitter. As well as feeling challenged and pushed out of my comfort zone I felt that there was a certain divide with gender and ability. ...read more.


Follow-up to include reference to relevant text and further reading: (Ann Dills & Ann Cooper Albright 2001) have written about female dominance in dancing and how males were seen to be homophobic if they showed their soft side, emotional and not acting like men all the time. I am using this to back up my feeling when I was in an all boys group for dance. I was scared to show my feminine side as I thought the other boys would consider me a homophobic person. I additionally think that with me being in this situation I didn't perform as well as I could have. I think that due to human thought males don't feel like they can express themselves in a feminine way as they are scared of getting put down and considered a homophobic (Gay) by others, this attacks your inner self confidence and this is why you may not perform as well. 1. Ann Dils & Ann Cooper Albright (2001) Moving History/Dance Cultures. Middletown Connecticut, Wesleyan University Press. ?? ?? ?? ?? Leeds Metropolitan University 2009 Individual Reflective Practice Log ...read more.

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