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Introduction to Management Essay - Detail & discuss which factors might be influential in individuals approach to work and choice of career. Support with literature and examples from own experiences if possible.

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Introduction to Management Essay Detail & discuss which factors might be influential in individuals approach to work and choice of career. Support with literature and examples from own experiences if possible. The word influence means the power of people or things to cause an effect on others indirectly. Everything and everyone around you influences you every day. You may not consciously think about how the person, place, idea, experience, or thing influences you. However, your life and the choices you make will be affected. Although influence is not manipulation or direct persuasion, influence still affects you and your decisions. In this essay, I will try to determine what has some bearing on your career decisions-in other words, who or what influences you. But, as an individual you will travel along your career path, you will decide which advice or experiences you will allow to influence your career decisions. In order to respond to the question imposed, I have decided to answer with a systematic approach. By first outlining an identifying the main factors which may influence one's career and, then by discussing the factors and finally by coming to a conclusion if possible. ...read more.


(Britannica, 2002). How individuals have seen themselves in a role in which personality is a determining factor may again influence a chosen career. Some careers demand that you have the personality to match the qualities of the occupation. For example, sales people have to be outgoing.. An individual's personality must be a self-motivated type, as to investigate career possibilities from early on in their lives, and not the procrastinating type that waits until they are compelled to decide. Individuals must take seriously the role grades play in limiting opportunities in the future. Dr. Rosenberg a sociologist and an author, went on to say, "It is important for you to have a good understanding of yourself, your personality, if you are to make intelligent career plans" (Inner-Self, 1989, p.12). The Guardian stated (1998 October) it is important for citizens to have a good understanding of themselves, their personality, if they are to make intelligent career plans. Once a career has been narrowed down, personality has played a role in obtaining and keeping employment in the field of choice. Attitudes used in interviews, along with compatible methods of working within teams and along side co-workers have depended upon the right personality. ...read more.


These all influence an individual's choice of career. A market with more prospects such as promotions will be inevitably more favoured or in demand. In my opinion this theory also applies for salary. Jobs offering more salary in comparison to others will to a certain extent have a pull towards them. These all narrow down to opportunities seen by individuals. In conclusion, one can see that there are many underlying factors which affect ones choice of career from parents to personality. However I feel I have acknowledged the main factors which summarize all sub-factors. These being Environment, Personality and Opportunities. In my opinion I feel that there is not one most important factor out of these three identified. Reason being that, they go hand in hand where influencing careers, are concerned. Career choice is an ever-evolving process. Career choice is a process that includes experimentation, trial and error, and decision-making and eventually judgment leading to the assumption that one can find it very difficult to be satisfied and content with a job. Therefore one is always looking for ways to better there opportunities, to use their personality or to have a change of environment, in order to accomplish and achieve job satisfaction. ?? ?? ?? ?? Business Administration :: MAN10010 essay Karun Thaper, Kiran Matoo & Gurpreet Mannan Group 3 ...read more.

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