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Investigation into the Correlation between time spent on homework and Success

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Students who attend NewVIc are expected to do a lot of work, homework and revision. Advanced Level (A-Level) students are generally expected to do equal amounts of class and homework and are told the harder and longer you work for the better the grades you achieve will be. I am going to investigate the amount of time students spend on their work during and out of lessons and compare this time to the grades they achieve. Information like this is useful because it indicates if students are doing enough work, and if not how much they should be doing. The parent population for this investigation is the A-Level students at NewVIc. I will be sampling 50 students and will ask them the amount of time they spend in class on work, how long they spend at home and the average (mean) grade they get. Each of the grades will be assigned a number the higher the number the better the grade A=6, B=5, C=4, D=3, E=2, N=1 a fail will be represented by F, F=0. ...read more.


Here is a scatter diagram to show whether there is a relationship between the amount of time spent on work by students and the grades attained. Calculations (All calculations carried out in this section have been done using a calculator) Firstly, I will calculate the mean number of hours spent on work and the average grade for all the students. Mean = ?x/n The average amount of time spent on work is: 1762/50 = 35.24hours The average grade is: 189/50 = 3.78 = C Standard Deviation Standard deviation calculates how spread out a set of data is/ the smaller the number is the less spread out the data, and the larger the number the more spread out the data. Standard Deviation = The table below shows all the steps needed to calculate the standard deviation for a set of data. The standard deviation was calculated using a spreadsheet. The value calculated was 5.468 (to 3 d.p.). ...read more.


Generally speaking, it was true that if you work and study for longer, you get good grades. But students on average are not doing enough work because my findings do suggest that if everybody studies for longer they will attain better grades. The method of collection I used to gather the information was not very fair because I chose three specific areas in the college to sample from rather than sampling students from all over the college. This means that I would only pick students that go to a particular area to socialise or study. For example people in the library were probably in there to study, they would probably more spend more time on their work than someone in the link which is an area for socialising. Also I only sampled A-Level students but people at NewVIc can study at many different levels including GCSE retakes, GNVQ's and BTECs. The investigation could be improved by considering not only A-Level students but all NewVIc students. And a fairer sampling method should be used, one which sample all students from all over the college. S1 Coursework Soha Munshi ...read more.

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