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Lesson Plan 1

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Lesson Plan 1 School: SMK, CHERAS PERDANA, BT 9 1/4 JLN CHERAS, SELANGOR. Subject: LITERATURE IN ENGLISH Form: 1 Kemboja Time: 3.00pm-3.40pm (40 minutes) Date: 1-3-2005 Location: Urban Number of Students: 35 Level of proficiency: Intermediate Topic: Poem "THE DEAD CROW" by A. Samad Said. Focus: Theme - pollution & nature Prior knowledge: 1. Students have learnt and did essay about pollution during the Bahasa Melayu and English lesson. 2. Students are exposed to different kinds of pollution in their everyday life General Objectives: To enable students to be familiar with the concept of the theme in a poem Specific Objectives: By the end of the lesson; students will be able to:- 1. Listen to and understand the poem by answering 10 comprehension questions. 2. Recite the poem with correct intonation, stress, rhythm and expressions. 3. List down at least 5 causes of pollution to the world. Moral issues: Love the nature Grow greenery Teaching Aids: LCD, Michael Jackson's picture, video clips of "THE EARTH SONG", A.Samad Said's picture, worksheet Stage / Time Teacher/ Students' activities Rationale AVA Set Induction 5 minutes 1. ...read more.


Samad Said. Focus: Theme - pollution & nature Prior knowledge: Teacher has already introduced the poem in the previous lesson General Objectives: To enable students to be familiar with the concept of the theme in the poem Specific Objectives: By the end of the lesson; students will be able to:- 1. Memorize the poem. 2. Understand the underlying meaning by answering comprehension questions. 3. Identify different types of pollutions and cause to the world. 4. Identify ways to overcome the problem. Moral issues: Love the nature and humility Grow greenery Teaching Aids: LCD, worksheet, mahjong papers, marker pens and pictures. Stage / Time Teacher/ Students' activities Rationale AVA Set Induction 5minutes Teacher shows pictures of a crowded clinic, polluted river and traffic jam. Teacher asks the students, do they like to be in these situation? Why? 1. To arouse students interest to lesson. 2. To give their opinions. Pictures Refer to appendix 1,2,3 Pre-writing 10minutes Teacher puts the jumbled up lines of "THE DEAD CROW" on the screen. Students copy the jumbled up lines in their exercise books. Then rearrange the lines accordingly. ...read more.


Ask the students to underline the nouns found in the poem. List the nouns in alphabetical order in the given space. 1. To identify and use the nouns correctly. 2. To think and work fast. Whiteboard Poem sheet Refer to appendix 2 While-reading 5minutes Pupils recite the poem aloud in their groups. Then recite the poem in front of the class voluntarily. 1. To recite the poem Stage/ Time Teacher/ Students' Activities Rationale AVA Post-reading 15minutes Teacher gives poem sheet. The nouns in the poem are deleted. Students are required to fill in the blanks with any suitable nouns. Teacher checks their answers and encourages them to present the new poem in groups. 1. To help the students to think critically. Worksheet Refer to appendix 2 Closure 5.minutes Teacher distributes mahjong paper with word maze to groups of five (Group work) Students are required to identify 10 nouns from the word maze. The first group to finish the maze is the winner. Discuss answers. Instill the moral value. Extension Activity Teacher asks pupils to prepare for debate - Modernization is destroying our earth. 1. To help the students to build their vocabularies on nouns. Marker pen. Mahjong paper Refer to appendix 3 ...read more.

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